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The processing powder changes color on a specific surfac

1.Color reversal is when____. (Points : 2) The processing powder changes color on a specific surface Color film is used instead of black-and-white to document the print The color of the print ridges is the opposite of that expected None of the aboveQuestion 2.2.The distinction between Ulnar and Radial loops depends on which hand the loop is found on. (Points : 2) True FalseQuestion 3.3.Indistinct or illegible prints may result from ____________. (Points : 2) A failure to reproduce focal points (deltas and cores) Allowing fingers to slip or twist Sweaty hands All of the aboveQuestion 4.4.The first challenge to fingerprint evidence under the Daubert guidelines was____. (Points : 2) U.S. v. Byron Mitchell Frye v. U.S. Michigan v. Charlie Bland U.S. v. Wade HowardQuestion 5.5.Which of the following contain eccrine glands? (Points : 2) Palms of the hands Soles of the feet Fingers All of the aboveQuestion 6.6.Fingerprint pattern frequency in America is typically___________ (Points : 2) 80% Arches, 25% Loops, and 2% Whorls 80% Loops, 25% Whorls, and 2% Arches 80% Whorls, 25% Arches, and 2% Loops None of the aboveQuestion 7.7.All latent print identifications must be verified by whom? (Points : 2) An FBI agent Supervisor A qualified latent print examiner An ACE specialistQuestion 8.8.Basic equipment for taking inked fingerprints includes ___________. (Points : 2) Thin writer’s ink, a cardholder, and a scraper A fingerprint card and black printer’s ink A roller, blue printer’s ink, and a cardholder Violet printer’s ink and a rollerQuestion 9.9.Whorl patterns include the ___________. (Points : 2) Plain whorl Central pocket loop Double loop All of the aboveQuestion 10.10.The first person to describe the ridges, furrows, and pores on our hands and feet was (Points : 2) Sir Edward Henry Sir Francis Drake Nehemiah Grew Thomas BewickQuestion 11.11.The portion of the fingerprint where we find the cores and deltas is called the___________. (Points : 2) Bifurcation Vucetich mark Pattern area Sweat poresQuestion 12.12.What would a fingerprint in butter be considered? (Points : 2) Latent Print Patent Print Inked Print Plastic PrintQuestion 13.13.What is the minimum standard regarding the total number of individual or Galton characteristics required to identify a fingerprint? (Points : 2) 10 12 There is none 8Question 14.14.There is no available methodology in place to measure the amount of comparable detail in a fingerprint. (Points : 2) True FalseQuestion 15.15.Color reversal is found when a fingerprint is left in blood. (Points : 2) True FalseQuestion 16.16.A latent print is readily visible to the naked eye. (Points : 2) True FalseQuestion 17.17.ACE-V stands for which of the following? (Points : 2) Analysis, Comparison, Evaluation, and Verification Analysis, Comparison, Evaluation, and Visualization Analysis, Consultation, Evaluation, and Visualization Analysis, Counting, Evaluation, and VisualizationQuestion 18.18.The three major secretory glands responsible for secreting sweat are____. (Points : 2) Thyroid, thromboid, and eccrine Sebatory, thromboid, and eccrine Thyroid, apocrine, and sebaceous Eccrine, apocrine, and sebaceousQuestion 19.19.What layer of skin must be damaged in order to have a permanent scar? (Points : 2) Sweat pores Stratum Spinosum Basal layer of the epidermis FurrowsQuestion 20.20.In what year did the admissibility of friction ridge identification come under tough scrutiny? (Points : 2) 1993 1805 1923 1999Question 21.21.Which constituents of sweat are found in high levels within the Eccrine glands? (Points : 2) Cyanoacrylate Urea and Lactate Pyruvate and Creatine Isocitric and LactateQuestion 22.22.The chemical content of sweat changes from birth to puberty. (Points : 2) True FalseQuestion 23.23.The reason we have ridges and furrows on our hands and feet is: (Points : 2) To exude perspiration To grip surfaces To assist in typing Both a and bQuestion 24.24.Fingerprints are affected by the random movement of the fetus in the womb. (Points : 2) True FalseQuestion 25.25.What piece of equipment is used for the initial examination of a latent print? (Points : 2) Scanning Electron Microscope Stereoscope Comparison Microscope 4x or 5x magnifierQuestion 26.26.The Dermis layer of skin constitutes what percentage of the mass of human skin? (Points : 2) 90-95% 50% 25-30% 10%Question 27.27.Which pattern does not have a delta? (Points : 2) Whorl Arch Loop Accidental WhorlQuestion 28.28.Some South American countries still use the fingerprint classification system developed by Argentine criminologist __________. (Points : 2) Ivan Vucetich Caesar Lombroso Donald Sunderland Henry LeeQuestion 29.29.What two events in people’s lives affect their fingerprints? (Points : 2) Aging and scarring Dish detergent and skin softeners Gasoline and lead paint Boric acid and aspirinQuestion 30.30.Purkinje established __________ groups of fingerprint types. (Points : 2) three six nine twelveQuestion 31.31.The biological uniqueness and permanence of friction ridges allows for identification or ‘individualization’ of a friction ridge impression. (Points : 2) True FalseQuestion 32.32.Important factors that are involved in an examiner’s determination of identification are: (Points : 2) Number of ridge characteristics Clarity of prints Presence or absence of dissimilarities Examiner’s training, experience, skill, and ethics All of the aboveQuestion 33.33.Ridge detail can also be found on what other body part? (Points : 2) Big toe Lip Ear All of the aboveQuestion 34.34.The core is the ________. (Points : 2) Whole fingerprint impression Side of the fingerprint impression Approximate center of the fingerprint impression Back of the fingerprint impressionQuestion 35.35.Scientific research has provided us with reasons as to why fingerprints are persistent and unique – the main premises of fingerprint identification. (Points : 2) True FalseQuestion 36.36.Friction ridges are in their definitive form on the fetus before birth. (Points : 2) True FalseQuestion 37.37.A fingerprint examiner will be qualified as an expert witness solely because of his experience, training, and expertise. (Points : 2) True FalseQuestion 38.38.Faulds advocated the use of fingerprints for identifying _____________. (Points : 2) important administrative officials criminals women foreignersQuestion 39.39.The Elliptical Whorl pattern is found on humans as well as many primates. (Points : 2) True FalseQuestion 40.40.Plain impressions are___________. (Points : 2) Used to check on the sequence Used to check on the accuracy of rolled impressions A simultaneous printing of all fingers of each hand and then a printing of the thumb without rolling All of the aboveQuestion 41.41.The sweat excreted from our fingers is _____ water. (Points : 2) 50% 99% 25% 10%Question 42.42.Fingerprints were used as marks of identification before the third century B.C. by which of the following countries? (Points : 2) India France Babylon ChinaQuestion 43.43.An experienced professional wrestler with a high school education could be qualified as an expert witness. (Points : 2) True FalseQuestion 44.44.A bifurcation is __________. (Points : 2) The smooth spreading apart of two ridges The center point of all fingerprint patterns The forking or splitting of one ridge into two or more branches A special type of whorl patternQuestion 45.45.The two factors that are integral to a successful fingerprint examination are: (Points : 2) Proportion and depth of ridge detail Sweat percentage and dermal layering Eccrine consistency and width of ridge detail Sufficient quality and quantity of friction ridge detailQuestion 46.46.The remainder of sweat is made up of____. (Points : 2) White blood cells Carbon residue Amino acids, lipids, and proteins NinhydrinQuestion 47.47.Identical twins have the same fingerprints. (Points : 2) True FalseQuestion 48.48.During The Kumho Tire Co. v. Carmichael case, it was ruled that Daubert did not apply to expert testimony involving specialized knowledge. (Points : 2) True FalseQuestion 49.49.Furrows of a fingerprint are located where? (Points : 2) Under the pores Between the ridges Under the nail None of the aboveQuestion 50.50.The Daubert ruling stated that: (Points : 2) The court must decide if the questioned technique is “generally accepted” by the scientific community The trial judge is the “gatekeeper” The trial judge must screen scientific evidence to ensure it is relevant and reliable None of the above

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