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HTM 310 quiz 9 and 10

HTM 310 quiz 9 and 10

Question 1
RsQ_014With seamless integration between restaurant managers and the Write On Handheld POS system:

servers simply jot down guests orders and send them to the kitchen

the handheld can access the accounting office information

servers need to key in orders on the POS system

makes it easier for servers to get 86’ed

Question 2
RsQ_026One of the biggest trends is technology that improves the guest experience, including __________ and __________ ordering and credit card payment.

hand held/ kitchen

on line/ tableside

hand held/ barside

phone in/ hostess stand

Question 3
RsQ_013The Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Fraud and Identity Theft Complaint Data report stated that __________ was the most common form of reported identity theft.

social security number fraud

credit card fraud

driver’s license theft

character identity theft

Question 4
RsQ_027NCR Mobile Pay works with:

Smart phone

Computer touch screen


Question 5
RsQ_029__________ and __________ encompass the largest amount of noncompliant establishments, who fall in the least demanding category of compliance.

large hotels and large restaurants

medium hotels and country clubs

small hotels and independent restaurants

small hotels and catering companies

Question 6
RsQ_025Back-office systems aid inventory control by quickly recording the inventory and easily allowing new stock to be added. This is called:

food costing


inventory control

labor management

Question 7
RsQ_010Which is the advantage of an open platform advantage

It is increasing the footprint and flexibility of systems.

It is helpful in choosing operating systems.

It is good for operating peripherals and inflexibility.

It is more flexibility with a smaller footprint.

Question 8
RsQ_028This common scam occurs when a server takes the guest’s card for payment and runs it through a device to capture the encoded information off the magnetic strip. The server returns the guest’s card, with the guest unaware that the card’s data has been stolen and he or she is now susceptible to fraudulent charges





Question 9
RsQ_017All back-of-the-house employees should take the __________ courses offered by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation.

Bar Code




Question 10
RsQ_012Electronic cash registers (ECRs) __________.

have become obsolete

are now offering some of the flexibility of POS

are inefficient

are no longer used in restaurants

Question 11
RsQ_011POS systems have __________.
come down in price
gone up in price

stayed relatively the same in price

always been inexpensive

Question 12
RsQ_018Front-of-the-house technology revolves around the:





Question 13
RsQ_006In order to stop employees from coming in early and taking a socialization break some restaurants have:

forecasted actual labor hours needed

checked actual against forecasted labor costs

copied schedules from one week to the next week

used programs that will not allow employees to clock in more than 10 minutes early and 5 minutes late.

Question 14
RsQ_030________ can add photos to the restaurant’s Yelp listing, or to Twitter and Facebook to facilitate social media sharing.

Smart phone



QR code

Question 15
RsQ_015MenuLink has developed a new feature that provides a method in which the receiving store can process material transfers in the same general way as if the materials were purchased from a food vendor who is enabled for electronic ordering and invoicing. This is called a(n):

Expedited Material Transfer

Computed Material Transfer

Automated Raw Material Transfer

Expedited Computer Material Transfer

Question 16
RsQ_044According to the text, the total of all actual and potential guests is called the __________.





Question 17
RsQ_036With restaurants, it is the __________, rather than just the food, that guests pay for.



total dining experience

controllable expenses

Question 18
RsQ_052Which finds out what guests want and providing it at a fair price that leaves a reasonable profit





Question 19
RsQ_051A __________ analyzes the community, the potential guests, and the competition.

demographic assessment

topographical survey

behavioral survey

market assessment

Question 20
RsQ_053According to the product levels described in the text, the __________ product is the tangible part of the product and it includes the physical aspects of the restaurant and its décor.





Question 21
RsQ_048Marketing efforts are most needed __________.

on weekends

in mid-week

during low periods
during busy periods

Question 22
RsQ_039According to the product levels described in the text, the __________ product is the function part of the product for the customer.





Question 23
RsQ_059Which partnerships have complete liability, but full management rights

Limited partnership

General partnership

Corporate partnerships

Federal partnerships

Question 24
RsQ_050According to the product levels described in the text, the __________ product includes services, such as automatic acceptance of certain credit cards, valet parking, and table reservation service.




Question 25
RsQ_049Which are types of demographics

Age, sex, family life cycle, income, occupation, education, religion, and race

Country, state/province, county, city, and neighborhood

Occasions, benefits sought, user status, and usage rates

Loyalty status and buyer readiness

Question 26
RsQ_047Which is the only revenue generating variable in the marketing mix





Question 27
RsQ_033Which is least related to restaurant sales




public relations

Question 28
RsQ_041Which are the three typical market segmentations

Geographic, Demographic, Behavior
Demographic, Behavior, Style

Concept, Geographic, Demographic

Behavior, Concept, Geographic.

Question 29
RsQ_060Restaurant owners should avoid ­­­­­­_________________-that is, engaging in public relations tactics (such as Joining programs) in order to portray the company as being more engaged in environmentally friendly practices than it really is.





Question 30
RsQ_042Sales focuses on the needs of the __________.





Quizz 10

Question 1
RsQ_030As sole proprietor, the restaurant operator __________.

is an employee

draws a salary for federal income tax purposes
does not draw a salary for federal income tax purposes

has an income that is not subject to self-employment tax

Question 2
RsQ_007SCORE is made up of __________.

successful restaurant entrepreneurs

hospitality employees

successful retired business people

restaurant employees

Question 3
RsQ_026When incorporating, the first step should always be to __________.

seek out a location

look for a partner

consult an attorney

find financing

Question 4
RsQ_027Which best describes workers’ compensation insurance

It is federally mandated but administered by the states.

It is not federally mandated but administered by the states.

It is federally mandated and administered.

It is optional.
Question 5
RsQ_020A standby amount of cash to open the restaurant and to get through possibly several unprofitable months of operation is called __________.





Question 6
RsQ_009The bank wants __________, which they can take should the loan not be paid.





Question 7
RsQ_001Which is not required by the Small Business Administration for a restaurant loan

Menu analysis, including a copy of the proposed menu.

Financial data, including tax returns for the past three years.

Marketing strategy, including promotion and advertising plans.

Tax returns for the past ten years.

Question 8
RsQ_025Which is not tax deductible

company car
life insurance
low-cost loans

high-cost loans

Question 9
RsQ_006The cost of leasing a building is usually in __________.

square foot per month

square yard per month

square foot per week

square yard per week

Question 10
RsQ_023In a partnership, who is responsible if things go wrong

Partners making decisions

All partners

The lawyer

The employees

Question 11
RsQ_002Restaurant buildings and equipment are most likely to be __________.





Question 12
RsQ_016Costs that change proportionately according to sales are called __________.





Question 13
RsQ_012The number-one factor in restaurant failure is said to be lack of __________.





Question 14
RsQ_029Which can be depreciated for tax purposes over its expected life

Food cost

Labor cost

The building

Rent expenses

Question 15
RsQ_014The balance sheet is an important document that __________.

is like a photo of the restaurants financial standing at a given moment in time
shows the restaurants liabilities and equity in the future

is a statement of the restaurants strategies

shows the return on investments

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