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On the prior paper (attached as an additional material), you argued that ”liberty is not justice”. On this paper, you
will support the opposite opinion that ”Liberty is Justice”.
Please read the essay that is attached as an additional material, and write a paper to argue and to support the
topic ”Liberty is Justice”.
You can use the same idea that was used in the essay ”Liberty is not Justice”

Liberty is Not Justice
People love to be free. Humans were born to be free. They always pursued what they
wanted, and they believed in freedom. Freedom fighters always existed in every decades, and
liberty is what humans have always been looking for. Interpretation of the definition of liberty
and freedom include the same meaning of being free without any hindrances. Freedom fighters
are liberty fighters; they both pursue the statement of being free. On the other hand, justice is the
ability of being fair and righteousness. The conception of justice is depending on one who
determines the definition of it, at the same time, it can be very broad. Justice is difficult to
determine, however in fact, justice controls the power of liberty most of the time in the society
where people live in. The two terms are very confusing, and at some point, people tend to misuse
them. One ultimate question that comes up with these two complicated terms is, Is liberty
justice . Liberty and justice are in a complicated relationship, yet, liberty cannot be justice.
Liberty is not justice because, the concept of liberty; humans deserve to do whatever they want
to with Independence of mind and body without any constraints, which allows humans to do
whatever they wish. Justice is not exactly equal to liberty, giving people liberty is not justice.
It is a constitutional right for people to have freedom to do what they want anywhere and
at any time. For instance, it is a constitutional right for an American citizen to elect the
presidential candidate of their choice. No one has the right to decide anything for anyone
(Plojovic, 2016). Citizens are given freedom to move freely at any point they feel like doing it, as
long as they do not break the law. Opposition leaders can organize rallies anywhere they want to
be provided they abide by the law. However, many people tend to break the law in the name of
having liberty.
Liberty can ruin the society. For instance, many cases of theft have been reported that
result from people claiming they are exercising liberty. People would argue that it is their right to
travel or even walk at night on the streets of big towns. Many times, theft cases happen at night.
This is the time that thieves take advantage of innocent people walking at night. For example, if
laws would not allow people to walk at night then such cases of theft would not be reported.
There are many cases where liberty has been misused and render the corruption of
justice. Even by the government officials claiming it was their right to do so. There have been
cases where police officers were shooting innocent citizens claiming that they were protecting
themselves. Police officers have misused their right of liberty. During strikes police always
mistreats people by throwing teenagers and beating them up. They would even shot those who
are striking. As stated in the law, police are allowed to shot for protection. In most cases, police
do not mistreat people because they deserve it. They take law in their hands. These are acts of
injustice. Liberty, in this instance, has led to misuse of power by the police (Walsh, Charlotte).
The police shot some unarmed people, and no, actions were taken against the acts. Moreover,
cases have been reported where government officials have been assassinated. For instance,
Oklahoma killed Michael Lee Wilson with a secret chemical. This was to ensure that Michael
experienced a painless death. Oklahoma later executed Clayton Lockett using another chemical
secretly. In another case, Arizona murdered Joseph R Wood III by a secret drug. These are the
acts of liberty. These have been entrusted and given the responsibility to use the drug to
assassinate (Walsh, Charlotte). Doctors always make mistakes deliberately in hospitals and go
away with then scandals.
Liberty misuse has led to the destruction of the environment where justice is, through
pollutions. The word pollution in some places has raised the alarm. Freedom in colleges has
resulted in students failing to accomplish their dreams in academics. For instance, sexual
behaviors among the small children have been reported. These acts are dangerous because the
teens have no knowledge of having protected sex. This results in transmission of STDIs or other
sex related diseases. College students have been destructing school property in the name of
striking (Bottoms et al., 2012). Some colleges are burned to ashes by students leading to huge
losses. These are examples of misusing of freedom.
When the liberty is abused, then it cannot be regarded to be justice (Hayek and Ronald,).
Although, many people would fight to have freedom to do something, many other times when
they misuse it, the freedom is taking for granted, since people are provided with it according to
constitution. Drug abuse in the United States has been boosted by people being free to do what
they want. The number of youth getting into addiction is getting out of control because of the
freedom that they have. The youth would claim that they have freedom of doing whatever they
want, but at the end they tend to find themselves getting into serious drug addiction. This further
brings more problems to the society and the individuals. The problems associated with drug
abuse may be health and crime ones. Misuse of drugs among the youth is dangerous because
they may tend to steal something, so that they manage to afford more drugs. For instance, the
decriminalization law in Portugal gave citizens the freedom of using all kinds of drugs. This
liberty, however, has been the cause of the increase in the number of drug abusers in the country.
The increasing number of drug addicts cost the government a lot of money on rehabilitating the
It is unstoppable to prevent the increase of suicide under the concept of liberty. It is not
allowed by the constitution of any country to commit suicide (Hayek and Ronald,). However,
due to the freedom people have been granted with, the number of suicide cases has increased.
Having the right to do whatever one feels to do is not bad, but the problem comes when the
person misuses that liberty. Justice should prevent the worst scenario, but not just looking at
people dying in their society.
Another scenario liberty has been abused in the democratic country (Walsh, Charlotte) is
when people have the right for expression. Politicians have taken the freedom of speech for
granted. Politicians have given speeches that have provoked their followers leading to war in the
country. A slip of a tongue from an influential leader can result in war in a country. In another
case, after Ferguson, an officer Darren Wilson executed defenseless 18-year-old Mike Brown.
The citizens protested against the murder of the unarmed boy. The innocent protesters faced
militarized police force with tear gas smoke grenades, assault weapons, sound cannons and
armored vehicles to stop the protests. A report from the judges later stated that the police officers
violated the rights of the demonstrators. The police used aggressive tactics to violate the freedom
of the protesters. They violated their liberty of speech, liberty of assembly and due process
constitutional rights. The acts of police unlawfully arresting journalists and law abiding
American citizens, training assault rifles on civilians are against the rights of the people.
However, sometimes the demonstrators misuse their freedom. This occurs when these
demonstrators destroy property. At some point, the police officers are forced to use more force
because some demonstrators tend to attack the officers. Justice always has to prevent the worst
scenario that could happen in the society, but not letting the power of liberty go crazy.
There are numerous instances where liberty has been misused, yet, liberty is very crucial
to people because denying people their freedom is violating the law in the society where people
live. Everyone has to have liberty to do whatever they want to. Meanwhile, justice is not exactly
equal to giving people liberty. Liberty can violates justice. Most importantly, moderation of the
power of liberty is essential in human society, however, the power of liberty can mislead people
and corrupts justice. Thus, liberty is not justice.
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