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Sociology of Social Networks

read the instruction carefully and finish the research paper.
use the networking theory from http://www.wunderkim.com/kadushin%20-%20chs%201_2_3_4_10.pdf and the ppt. Refer as much reference from the slides as possible.

Week 1 What is a Network.pptx (39.61M, 2016 05 11 14:23 )
:http://mail.qq.com/cgi-bin/ftnExs_download k=67303438a965b6ce8987220b4535021c54530d08000751041800560e5b180450045519595005551e02080d01025408570c0950596328306450555f185215675b54441451101551137b55404f0c475b1d454040406308&t=exs_ftn_download&code=5048c503

Week 4 Collective Bahavior & Crowd Theory.pptx (31.48M, 2016 05 11 14:25 )
:http://mail.qq.com/cgi-bin/ftnExs_download k=5333323735016acb8c8424041561501a0605575305585b501d000b53064c560606521f0e56555218515607055055030405525101334f6262555659170741215a5c5f5754470814501071535f52170b5a4213141770130d425413665f560e104c1e4342434b615f&t=exs_ftn_download&code=03273ab5

Week 3 Weak Ties.pptx (14.95M, 2016 05 11 14:27 )
:http://mail.qq.com/cgi-bin/ftnExs_download k=7f6639651fda239989d12f564361014956530b520654010718520a51524c0753540514045004014b53570a540650575e56515d51657433315003524556416403540d19310c04404845164d1d655c&t=exs_ftn_download&code=5f9eea3f

Week 2 Dyads & Triads.pptx (23.03M, 2016 05 11 14:27 )
:http://mail.qq.com/cgi-bin/ftnExs_download k=76636465621eb99c85d472561362044d5d525206505a525014000600024f02010c54495c0c04504f0f505156050055040d535101357836355c060f450742721b5807174513426210500200161b124616416359&t=exs_ftn_download&code=9cde5b6b

Week 7 Contagion Theory & Spreading Disease.pptx (21.86M, 2016 05 11 14:29 )
:http://mail.qq.com/cgi-bin/ftnExs_download k=07333535a27cc0ccde8423061e39501d060a0c51080157014f560106091456535102180d5a085a1f515206065a00070b06050d533809626507565e150f19215d0c47545251560c12365b505a4a404214426045475d58065b0c541571514a075311561b45484d1a325f&t=exs_ftn_download&code=b35589b2

Week 6 What Spreads From Gabriel Tarde to Memetics.pptx (28.93M, 2016 05 11 14:30 )
:http://mail.qq.com/cgi-bin/ftnExs_download k=5b356334a27f52cf8b8275074264511e01535757055452001a0555065649570153034e555152531c060206505c53530003010103645363665250081452443459564143671416065053464372160b0e11705401460d010f11635411500144175e1778065901100a52441b1344101c630c&t=exs_ftn_download&code=75c4ddc1

Week 5 It’s a Small World.pptx (5.38M, 2016 05 11 14:32 )
:http://mail.qq.com/cgi-bin/ftnExs_download k=6164383702ef9e9a8ed32e044032054a515401070304055d1f560902071f03060053150f51510348545509010403075606550a53662c37325701531753127e111517185646615a045e08186009405b011c1448431e320a&t=exs_ftn_download&code=2d87f27e

The essay assignment for this class is a library research paper (12 to 15 double-spaced pages, excluding title page and bibliography, you can go over by 2 pages if needed) on a topic of your choosing relating to network theory. The essay is worth 40% of the overall grade for the course. You have free range to explore any concept or area that you wish. Network analysis encompasses a vast academic terrain so there is a surplus of possible topics for you to choose from. Try to choose something that you are genuinely interested in exploring. The only precondition for the essay is that it NOT be descriptive. What I mean by this is that you must do something in the essay, such as perform a network analysis of a specific social phenomena or condition, or develop an argument and mobilize a few basic concepts that will allow you to analyze something in an interesting way. For example, you can apply the ANT method and “follow an object or actor” in order to map the material chain or links of your chosen actor-network back to its origins, or you can choose to “open up a black box” in order to draw out the network aspects of your object of study. In other words, there must be some analytic component in the paper. I do not want to see the simple regurgitation of material or the superficial description of a network. I want to see you using theories or concepts from the course material and applying and mobilizing them to your chosen areas of investigation. Since you have limited space and time try to narrow down the scope of your essay and focus on concrete examples/issues in detail instead of talking about generalities. The more detail that you give the better.

As I have mentioned many times in class, please feel free to drop by my office or send me an email about your topic, particularly if you are having problems narrowing down the scope of your essay. I strongly suggest that you do this sooner rather than later.

Essays are due on Tuesday, April 19, 2016, between 1 and 4 p.m. in FSS 10001

Only hard copies of essays will be accepted, in other words, no electronic copies unless you have cleared it with me before hand. Late papers will be penalized at a rate of 3% per day.

Students who for whatever reason are unable to submit papers in class should submit them to the drop box outside the main office of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology. ALL PAPERS SUBMITTED TO THE DROP BOX MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN EMAIL TO THE PROFESSOR TO CONFIRM THAT THE PAPER HAS BEEN SUBMITTED. Also make sure that the following information is on the title page of your paper: Your name, student number, and my name.

Style Criteria

The essay must be typed with at least one-inch margins on all sides. The lines of the main text should be double-spaced (but lines in block quotations should be single spaced and indented), footnotes, and bibliographies should all be single-spaced. Pages must be numbered consecutively, exclusive of the title page.

Include the following information on the title page of the essay: the title of your essay, your full name and student number, the date you submitted the essay, the course number, and your professor’s name.

Basic Structure of the Essay

This essay should be composed of six basic components: an introduction, a thesis statement, a body of arguments substantiated by textual evidence from academic sources (non academic sources can also be included but they should not be the main sources), a conclusion, textual references, and a bibliography:

Introduction: In the introduction you should present and clearly explain the problem that you intend to address.

Thesis Statement: Within the introduction, you should also offer an explicit, clear, and unambiguously articulated thesis statement concerning the problem you are investigating. This thesis statement should offer a strong expression of the fundamental theoretical position or method that you seek to support and defend across the essay. In other words, the thesis statement should offer a clear articulation of how you will analyze your problem, the questions you intend to address, or how you will explore the topic.

Outline/Arguments in Body of Essay: Beyond the introduction, your essay should be built as a series of arguments in which you demonstrate the validity of your thesis statement. These arguments in the body of the essay should be built from close and direct consideration of the academic literature concerning your topic. Throughout the body of the essay, you should strive to outline the main theory, concept or idea, and to show that your thesis is appropriate and accurate.

Conclusion: You should write a conclusion to the essay in which you reflect on the significance of your thesis and the analysis you undertook to support it. In this conclusion you should contemplate the impact of your topic and perhaps suggest some future avenues of research.

Textual References and Bibliography: All references, whether they are direct quotations, paraphrased representations of a text, observations or claims about a text, should be documented with appropriate textual references. Your essay should include a bibliography at the end, listing all academic books and the journal articles discussed or used during the research process. Bibliographical entries must be written in one of the accepted style guidelines, such as Chicago Style, MLA, APA or some other commonly accepted form of referencing. Please note that your textual references must be academic in nature. If you are using Internet sources make sure that they are authorities in the field and not just Wikipedia type information sources.

Criteria for Evaluation

This essay assignment will be assessed on the basis of the following criteria: 1) the relevance of the topic you have chosen to examine; 2) the clarity with which you introduce the problem and state the central thesis that you take with respect to your topic; 3) your ability to develop an effective and appropriate methodology to the essay problem; 4) how well you outline the theory, concept or idea; 5) how well you support your thesis through argument, analysis and depth of detail concerning your chosen topic; 6) the quality of your own analysis and critical interpretation of the ideas, information, and arguments expressed in the materials you study for the purposes of this essay; 7) the depth and detail of understanding and insight that you bring to the problem around which your essay revolves; and 8) the quality and style of your writing.

Students in this course are responsible for ensuring that the essays they submit for evaluation and grading are free of significant or recurring grammatical errors. Any essay submitted to the professor that exhibits significant grammatical or stylistic problems or errors will be subject to a 1% penalty for every spelling and/or grammar mistake, up to a maximum of 10% against its grade. Any student who submits a written assignment that is made very difficult to read, or comprehend because of grammatical or stylistic errors or problems will earn a failing grade on the essay.


Plagiarism is the passing off of someone else’s work as your own and is a serious academic offence. For the details of what constitutes plagiarism, the potential penalties and the procedures refer to the section on Instructional Offences in the Undergraduate Calendar.

What are the Penalties for Plagiarism
A student found to have plagiarized an assignment may be subject to one of several penalties including: expulsion; suspension from all studies at U of O; suspension from full-time studies; and/or a reprimand; a refusal of permission to continue or to register in a specific degree program; academic probation; award of an FNS, Fail, or an ABS.

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