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Creating Thesis Statement Examples : Useful Guidelines

Definition of the Thesis Statement Examples

Thesis statement is one or two sentences in an essay that contain the focus of the essay and tell a reader what this essay is going to be about. Even though, it is possible to create an interesting essay without using a thesis statement, it is much better to include it, otherwise it will lack a focus. Thesis statement is like an umbrella – everything you want to include in your essay has to fit inside this umbrella.

Thesis statement is also a good test for the scope of your intent. The main principle to keep in my mind is that when you try to write too much, you end up with doing les or maybe nothing at all. Can you write a good essay about education in the USA? Yes, but such an essay will be pretty vague and contain pieces of information that will be scattered. Can you write a good essay about education in Philadelphia? Yes, this is better. But still, this is a pretty big topic you need to concentrate on. This can be a good topic for your PhD. Dissertation or diploma, but for an essay it is too big. Can you write an essay about problems within the community college system in Philadelphia? Yes, and this will be a good idea for a topic, as you narrowing the problem to something more useful. However, when you start writing this essay, you will see that you have to omit a lot of useful information as well.

To even more narrow the problem down, it will be better to write about issues within the community colleges in Philadelphia that geographically locate very close to one another. This issue will have a good focus and in order to state your opinion you will probably need a few pages and it would have a good argumentative edge. To back this work up, you will need to do a lot of work to create a thesis statement. However, you can be better off if you limit the issues to an example of how to certain community colleges tend to work in conflict with each other. It is not about being lazy, it is about narrowing the issue and limiting the discussion in order to accomplish the purpose within a certain number of pages.

The thesis statement should be flexible until you finish writing your essay. It can be the last thing you need to worry about. If you discover new information within the process of writing the essay that needs to be included in the thesis statement, then you will need to rewrite it. On the other hand, if you see that in your paper you have done a sufficient amount of research, but the thesis statement includes the facts that you omit to address, then you will need to limit the statement.

The thesis statement should be placed somewhere in the beginning of your essay. It can be the first sentence of your project, but that often looks like a simplistic and uninteresting beginning. It is better to include the statement in the end of the first paragraph.

Basic Features of the Thesis Statement

  • It tells a reader how you will present the significance of the subject matter that you’re discussing.
  • It is like a road map of your essay – it tells a reader what they can expect from your paper.
  • It directly gives an answer to the question you asked. It is an interpretation of a question or a subject, but not the subject itself. For example, your subject of an essay is the World War II, then your thesis statement examples should offer a way to understand the war.
  • It makes an argument that others can dispute.
  • It is usually a one sentence in your first paragraph that gives an argument to a reader. The rest of the essay, its body, collects and organizes the evidence that will persuade a reader of the logic of your interpretation.

How to Write a Good Thesis Statement

  • Write about your interests. If it is possible within the topic of your essay, select a subject that will be enjoyable to you. For example, if you can choose any novel you studied during the term to write an essay on, choose the one you liked the most. If you need to analyze the character, select the one that seemed most like you or the one that annoyed you the most. If you have some attachment to the topic, you will have more opinions. If the subject is boring, choose the one that has the most evidence.
  • Find evidence for your essay.  When you have a general idea of what you’re about to discuss, find the facts that can support this idea. Search the texts, your notes, or other approved searches that can back up your theory. You will be able to successfully prove your point if you have sufficient amount of evidence.
  • Define what kind of essay you’re writing. If you’re making an analytical essay, it should break down the problem or an idea into its component parts. It also evaluates the idea and presents this evaluation to the audience. If you’re writing an expository essay, then it should explain something to the reader. An argumentative essay should make an acclaim about the subject and justify the acclaim with certain evidence. This acclaim can be an opinion, an evaluation, a policy proposal, cause-and-effect statement, or some interpretation. The purpose of the argumentative essay is to convince a reader that the problem is true and it is based on the given evidence. If you’re writing a project that doesn’t belong to any of these types, then it is a narrative essay, a thesis statement of which still should appear somewhere in the first paragraph in order to help a reader to concentrate on your project.
  • Your statement should be debatable. If you’re writing a persuasive or an argumentative essay, your statement has to be debatable. It must be something that people could have different opinions on. If your statement is a general fact, then there is no reason for you to persuade anybody. For example, a non-debatable thesis statement is: Pollution is bad for our planet. This statement is not debatable, as the word «pollution» already means something bad, and all the scientists agree that it is destroying our planet. Thus, nobody will be able to challenge this point. One of the samples of a debatable statement is: At least 20% of the budget should be spent on limiting pollution. With this statement people will be able to disagree, because some might think that this is how we should be spending the money, the others might say that we need to spend money on education, etc.
  • It needs to be narrow. Even though the scope of your essay might seem overwhelming, the narrower your statement, the better the argument. Your statement must be backed up by evidence.

Editing of Thesis Statements

After you’re done with your essay, reread your thesis. Does it still represent a comprehensive map of your all ideas? Have you thought of a new stream of thinking that doesn’t reflect in the statement? Many good writers explore various avenues on the way of writing their papers. If your thesis no longer matches the body of your paper, then change the statement. This is completely normal and it is much simpler than rewriting some sections of an essay or the entire project.

Thesis Statement Examples

A bad thesis statement usually has one or more of the following features:

  • It just restates the topic.
  • It gives too much information and lacks the specificity.
  • It is very generic, that you can insert it into any paper.

Below there are two thesises for two different subjects with one generic and one specific example. They will help you to see the difference between a good statement and a bad one.

An English Literature Statement

Thomas Carew, a contemporary poet of John Donne, said that Donne was the king of wit, meaning he used his humor to express his opinions of things.

Thomas Carew’s depiction of John Donne’s as «The universal king of wit» means the supremacy of the poet’s humor and intelligence in his time.

A Social Science Statement

Charles Beard and John Roche had different opinions of the U. S. Constitution as they had different backgrounds.

The polar backgrounds of Charles Beard and John Roche serve to form their quite different views on the U. S. Constitution. An analysis of their arguments show Roche to be dedicated and smart reformer, while Bear shows a calculating desire to undermine that America is poor.

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