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Dealing with the algebra calculator

Dealing with the usage of the algebra calculator

When it comes to algebra, including elementary algebra, the best and the easiest way to solve various mathematical problems is using the algebra calculator. When talking of the algebra calculator, we mean an online calculator that is meant to help solving various types of mathematical problems, including quadratic equations that algebra deals with. The algebra calculator serves for a wide range of purposes, including the factored form of the quadratic trinomial, it can help you find the needed area between the given graph and the x-axis and in addition, it can draw the graph of the mathematical quadratic function. It is comfortable to use the algebra calculator, as long as it will save a lot of your time and efforts. Apart from it, the chances that the answer to the algebraical problem that you are going to deal with will be right if you turn to the help of the algebra calculator are really big. In addition, the algebra calculator is helpful when generating understandable explanation for many different computations that need to be undertaken when coping with algebraic problems and also, it will provide you with guidelines within the whole process of solving them. In this article, you are going to get familiar with interesting facts about algebra, its history, basic concepts and stages of development, as well as about the algebra calculator.

In case if algebra is not what you are really strong at, the best and the easiest way for you to deal with it will be to use the algebra calculator. The principles dictating the usage of algebra calculator are rather simple and understandable. You only have to undertake a number of easy steps and your algebraic problem will be solved within short period of time quite effectively. The algebra calculator may be helpful when coping with a wide range of algebraic problems, including but not limited to the quadratic equations, as well as other matters. All in all, the number of mathematical problems that the algebra calculator can successfully solve is really great. As a matter of fact, the algebra calculator is provided with various formulas within its program, which can be used for solving different problems, depending on the task that you are assigned to complete.

  • If you want to benefit from the algebra calculator, you have to ensure that you’ve got all the needed data to apply the formula to. As a rule, all the necessary data is given in the task that a student has to complete.
  • When you have the needed data and numbers, you have to enter it into the algebra calculator according to the instructions.
  • The next step will be to choose the particular task that you want the algebra calculator to deal with, so it could pick the relevant formula. There are different types of problems that the algebra calculator can solve, so you need to pick the one that is similar to the assigned one.
  • Once you have chosen the particular problem, the program will start solving it instantly.

Generally speaking, the methodology of calculator usage is quite easy. It doesn’t require any incredible skills, knowledges or practice. In fact, it is available for everyone, who wants to get his mathematical problem solved quickly and correctly.

At the same time, it has to be mentioned that the algebra calculator is something that was invented not long ago at all. Even people who lived in the previous century didn’t have such an opportunity to solve algebraic problems online. They could only rely upon their own possibilities, skills, knowledge and practice in the field of algebra and deal with all the assignments without the usage of machinery help or online assistance. Having essential knowledge in the field of algebra, however, may appear to be really useful, taking into consideration that it helps develop a number of important skills. That is why in this article, we provided you with information concerning algebra itself, its history and concepts, stages of development and other essentials.

Understanding the algebraic formulas

There are numerous formulas that algebra deals with for solving a wide range of problems. For example, one of the most widely known and used is the quadratic formula. In terms of algebra, the quadratic formula is the presentation of how certain quadratic equation can be solved. On the one hand, there are other ways to find a solution for the algebraic quadratic equation. There are other methods the usage if which may lead to the same result. However, from the other point of view, the usage of quadratic formula is the easiest, the most convenient and popular method to solve that or another quadratic equation.

If you need to drive the quadratic formula, first of all you have to learn and comprehend the process of completing a square. This is not really a hard thing to do and that is why a lot of students ignore other important steps, since only completing a square is enough.

Through all the stages of the development of algebra as a branch of mathematics, mathematicians discovered new formulas and tend to improve the existing ones. In early times, algebra had to deal with computations that were rather similar to computations in the field of arithmetic, where mathematicians used letters instead of numbers. Such approach is actual even today and is considered to be rather convenient, since it give an opportunity to provide formulas with the properties, even if the numbers are not known at all. For instance, in the formula of the quadratic equation, both numbers and letters can be used: ax2+bx+c=0. In this formula, a, b and see can represent any numbers you wish, with the exception of zero. This formula is very helpful in case if you need to find the unknown x as soon as possible.

The retrospective of the quadratic formula

Since the ancient times when mathematics was used and studied with the purpose of discovering the world, its organization and surroundings, philosophers and mathematicians of that times were trying to discover universal mathematical formulas for solving various mathematical problems. Such scientific activity was an integral part of life of the people in ancient Greece, Babylon, Egypt, India, Persia, China, Rome. The first methods that were applied to different quadratic equations were geometric. One of the remarkable Greek scientists in the area of mathematics whose name was Euclid used geometry and its concepts as means of coping with various quadratic equations. Euclid wrote about his approaches, concepts and theories concerning this issue in one of his scientific works that is know as «Elements». Even nowadays this outstanding work is considered to be a considerable contribution to the development of mathematics, especially such branches of mathematics as geometry and algebra.

Apart from the above-mentioned, there were also remarkable Indian mathematicians that wrote many scientific works enlightening questions about quadratic formulas. One of them, a famous Indian scientist in the field of mathematics whose name was Brahmagupta, wrote a work where he provided an explanation of the quadratic formula as a method of solving quadratic equations. It has been more than two thousand years since the book was published. The most significant characteristic about this book, though, is that it was written with words, not with symbols.

Many scientists in the field of mathematics all over the world were affected considerably and inspired by the work of mathematicians that are mentioned above. For instance, we should mention the Persian scientist, who was affected by Greeks and Indians and whose achievements in the field of mathematics were rather remarkable. He made a significant contribution when he suggested a new method of to solve the quadratic equations. He appeared to be the first mathematician who succeed in dealing with this problem due to the algebraical approach. This approach was a big breakthrough in this field and led to further achievements that played their role in later discoveries.

Curious facts about algebra

For better understanding of the methodology, principles, strategies, approaches and ways to solve different algebraic problems, it is also helpful to know and realize the reasons why mathematics (particularly algebra) has to be studied. In addition, it would be even better to have basic theoretical background, as well as to get knowledge in regard to the history of algebra as a branch of mathematical science.

Being one of the major branches of mathematics, algebra started its own history in the end of the sixteenth century in the Europe. It is one of the widest branches of mathematics, standing in one row with the number theory, analysis and geometry. As a matter of fact, algebra is dedicated to the study of mathematical symbols and the strategies, theories, methods, rules and principles of manipulating such symbols. Without a doubt, algebra is one of the most important sciences in contemporary world, it was the inspiration for many discoveries the role of which is hard to overestimate. The term «algebra» has driven from Arabic language and it is translated as the reunion of broken parts.

Algebra went through several stages of development, every stage is characterized by particular achievements and discoveries, improvements, etc. On the early stages of existence algebra didn’t use the symbolism a lot. But later, the symbolism replaced classical language. As a whole, there are three main stages in the development of algebra, which are listed below:

  • Rhetorical algebra. Within this stage of development, scientists used full sentences to express the equations. This stage took place primarily in Babylon, and it predominated until the sixteenth century.
  • Syncopated algebra. As for this stage of development, algebra took the use from some symbols, although scientists didn’t have any particular set of symbols.
  • Symbolic algebra. Within this stage of development, mathematicians began to use all kinds of symbols and had specific sets of symbols already. Symbolic algebra was originated in Egypt. The symbolic algebra demonstrated that geometrical problems can be solved by means of algebraic methods.

The concepts of algebra

Besides the stages of development, the study of algebra also went through several conceptual stages, which are listed below:

  • The stage of geometry. The main characteristic of this concept is the geometric approach. It was formed and developed in ancient Babylon and Greece.
  • The stage of static solving of equations. Within this stage of conceptual development, the main objective was to find certain numbers to satisfy certain relations. On this stage, algebra separated from geometry significantly.
  • The stage of dynamic function. Within this stage, the key role was played by the functions.
  • The abstract stage. This conceptual stage, the main role was dedicated to the structure in terms of mathematics. This concept of algebra was considerably developed the beginning of the twentieth century.

If you read the information provided here carefully, it would be a good starting point to study algebra.

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