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Dealing with the chemical equation balancer

What is the chemical equation balancer

A chemical equation is a way of representing different chemical reactions in a symbolic way, with the help of symbols identifying various chemical elements and formulae. Writing of a chemical equation is not easy itself, and the majority of students, with the exception of those who are fond of chemistry, find it very difficult. Even more efforts requires balancing of the chemical reaction. Fortunately, nowadays students can use a very helpful invention, the chemical equation balancer, which helps dealing with chemical reactions and their balancing without suffering and spending hours on this matter. However, before you start using the equation balancer, it is important that you learn and understand the basics of chemistry, the most important and essential properties of chemical elements, compounds, how to create chemical equations and so on. In this article, you will get familiar with all this information and learn how to use the chemical equation balancer. Keep reading carefully and you will find out that chemistry can be easier than it seems.

When it comes to dealing with chemical reactions, searching for coefficients for the chemical reactions is really difficult, especially for those students for whom chemistry is not the biggest strength. There are different approaches to balance the chemical reaction, including mathematical methods, providing general method of finding the coefficients. Some students argue that mathematical approach is even better, more convenient and easier than the chemical itself, although it depends on personal skills and the level of knowledge both in the area of chemistry and mathematics. As a matter of fact, the relevance of mathematical approach in dealing with chemical reactions build the ground for the idea of creating the chemical equation balancer, as long as it works with the help of algebraic technique. The equation balancer may appear to be really useful for students when determining the right coefficients. More than that, when using the chemical equation balancer you will serve a lot of efforts, time and if you find the coefficients with its help, you can be absolutely sure that you result will be correct and fully satisfying the chemical assignment.

Having said that, the usage of the equation balancer can be appropriate only in the case if you already know at least the basics of the process of balancing chemical reactions. There is no guarantee that you will be allowed to use this application program during your examinations, and there is a great chance that you will not. Therefore, even though during semester you can get advantages from such great invention as the chemical equation balancer, you should still be ready to solve any chemical problem, deal with chemical reactions and be able to balance the chemical equations without additional help in the form of the chemical equation balancer. Below in the article, we provided a number of guidelines and tips that will help you understand the order, methodology and logic of the process of balancing the chemical equation.

Getting started with balancing the chemical equations

When talking about chemical equations, one should mean a representation of that or another chemical reaction in the form of symbols identifying various chemical elements that take part in the reaction. The chemicals taking part in the reaction should be written on the left-hand side of the equation and the products resulting from the chemical reaction should be written on the right-hand side. When dealing with a chemical reaction and writing the chemical reaction, one should know the law of conservation of mass. This law states the fact that there is no possibility for atoms to be created or destroyed during the chemical reaction. This means that by the end of the reaction the same number of atoms should remain the same, otherwise your reaction will be not correct. In other words, the number of atoms that the reactants contain needs to balance the number of the atoms that you get in the products of the chemical reaction. As a matter of fact, this is why the chemical equation has to be balanced and what the chemical equation balancer serves for. You have to make sure that the overall number of atoms is the same and that the chemical reaction is completed correctly. Below in the article you will find guidelines describing the process of balancing the chemical equation and learn how to deal with it without the help of the chemical equation balancer.

Dealing with a chemical reaction

If it is hard for you to understand the meaning of a chemical reaction, you need to simplify the definition as much as possible and try to imagine a real example of that or another chemical reaction. For instance, remember the process of baking cookies. It is the easiest way to understand what a chemical reaction means. In order to bake some cookies, you have to mix the needed ingredients together. These ingredients may vary in accordance with the recipe, but as a rule, you need some eggs, sugar, butter and so on. When you get the mixture of all the needed ingredients baked, you get the cookies ready. The same principle concerns the process of chemical reactions. There is also a recipe explaining how to manage that or another chemical reaction. The ingredients of a chemical reaction are determined as «reactants», and what you get in the end of the reaction is called «products». If you want to understand the principle of a chemical reaction better, you have to study the periodic table, because it is the source of all the essential and most important information than one should use and know when dealing with chemistry.

The periodic table presents the elements that everything around us consists of. The basic building blocks of chemistry are considered to be the atoms, and all of them you can easily find in the periodic table, together with their main properties. The periodic table can usually be found in any textbook on chemistry. But also, you can find it whenever you want on the internet with even more precise and detailed explanation of how to use it, what every symbol means, how to apply that or another element to the chemical reaction and so on. In order to get the better understanding of the periodic table and all the information provided in it, you have to imagine and memorize how all the elements provided in the periodic table really exist in the nature. For example, if you look at a diamond you can be sure that you look at a pure carbon that a diamond consist of. A great number of elements exist in the form of gases and you cannon see them with your own eyes. They exist at the temperature of the room. The condition under which this existence becomes possible is that they are bounded to themselves because it keeps them stable.

Another important thing that you should know is how to manage describing that or another molecule in the form of writing. As a matter of fact, it is a specific listing provided sequentially including the atoms of a particular molecule. The sequence is usually followed by certain number indicating the quantity of a particular kind of the atom that the element consist of.

Apart from the importance of theoretical background for the capability to deal with chemical reactions and balancing chemical equations, you should be aware of the necessity of practice. At first, it will take you a lot of time to deal with a simple chemical assignment, but if you devote enough of time to the practice, you will learn to do everything quickly. In addition, you will have enough of experience to not to make mistakes when dealing with chemical problems. There must be dozens of different tasks in your chemistry textbook or you can find them on the internet. In any case, the importance of practice is really big especially for the beginners. Therefore, it is better to spend some time and efforts during the semester, because it will be too hard and overwhelming to learn everything at once just before the examination.

Balancing the chemical equation step-by-step

  • First of all, you have to write down the existing chemical equation. The chemical reaction takes place when the components of the reaction interact with each other. It may be expressed in burning, etc. For example, when propane meets oxygen it starts to burn and the result of the reaction, is the producing of water by interaction of the elements.
  • The next step of the balancing process is going to be writing down the exact number of atoms that every element of the chemical reaction consists of. Pay equal attention to both sides of the equation and to every element.
  • Keep in mind that the number of elements that you will have to balance may vary significantly. In case if you need to balance more than only one element, you have to select the particular element that only one molecule of the chemical reactant contains and also, select the element that the molecule of the final products of the reaction includes. Remember dealing with the element on the left-hand first and than with the right-hand part of the chemical equation.
  • The next step is going to be coping with the reaction coefficients. Here, you will have to add the needed coefficient to the atom on the right-hand side of the chemical equation in order to balance the number of atoms on the both sides. Remember that when dealing with the chemical equation, you have the possibility to change the coefficients, although you are not allowed to alter the subscripts.
  • Keep balancing elements in accordance with the principle provided in the previous step until you get the same number of atoms on the both sides of the chemical equation.
  • Once you have the elements balanced, you will have to write down the equation by means of using symbols and formulas.
  • The next step will be to check the received number of elements that you have found on the both sides of the chemical reaction: those taking part on the left-hand side where the reactants are indicated, as well as the elements on the right-hand side where the products of the chemical reaction are indicated.

These are the essential steps to undertake when managing the chemical equation. In any case remember that when you have already balanced your chemical equation you can use the chemical equation balancer just in order to check whether it is right or not. Thus, you will find out whether you have mistakes in your equation or make sure that everything is correct. Having said that, we would like to warn you that you shouldn’t use fractions when coping with the chemical equation as coefficients, as long as it is impossible to get only half of an atom or even half of a molecule in the chemical reaction. However, within the process of balancing the chemical equation, you can turn to the help of fractions. They can assist you within the process, although you will not get the chemical equation balanced until it includes coefficients that use fractions. At the end of the process of balancing the equation, you will have to rid of the fractions. In order to cope with it, you will have to multiple the overall chemical equation that you have, including both sides of it by the number indicating the denominator of that or another fraction.

If you use and follow all the guidelines provided in the article carefully, you will definitely cope with your chemical assignment, with or without the help of the chemical equation balancer.

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