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Dealing with the molar mass of iron

What is the molar mass of iron ?

Everything existing in the nature has its mass, whether it is a tree, a stone, water or any other matter. There is a great possibility that throughout your studies in the area of chemistry you will need to deal with different chemical problems that have to do with the calculation of molar mass. Handling this task is not easy, especially for beginners, so in order to be able to cope with it, you will need to learn a lot of things, practice a lot and so on. It is necessary because this knowledge will be useful for you in the future, since such skills as calculating the molar mass are basic skills, when it comes to chemistry. Having said that, apart from practical side concerning this issue, it is also important to have needed theoretical background, as long as everything starts with the theory. In this article, you will learn a lot of useful information that will help you get the essential theoretical background, including facts about iron, its history and usage, and also, you will learn how to calculate the molar mass of iron. Keep reading and you will get your laboratory report on chemistry accomplished on the highest level.

All substances that exist in the world take up certain space and, as we have already said, have mass. Substances consist of molecules, which sometimes have to be measured during various chemical experiments. Obviously, all the measurements and calculations have to be quite accurate, because this is what the success of the experiment always depends on. Therefore, the main difficulty, when it comes to calculating the mass of molecules, is how to calculate something so small in an accurate way? To deal with this difficulty scientists came up with a number of essential steps that one has to undertake when dealing with molar mass of iron. Throughout careful undertaking all these steps, you can calculate and identify the number of moles that you need to have for that or another chemical reaction. In terms of calculating the molar mass of iron, a mole is a particular unit of measurement. It serves to provide comparison of particles of certain substance and the molar mass of the substance. If the needed number of moles is already known, you can use it in order to determine the number of grams that are required for that or another substance.

The molar mass of iron is sometimes called the molecular weight of iron. In both cases we are talking about the sum of the overall mass of all the atoms making up a mole of the molecule of iron in grams. Calculating the molar mass of iron is necessary if you need to find out the molar mass for compounds consisting of more that one element, including iron. How to deal with the molar mass of compounds you will learn further if you keep reading this article.

Interesting facts about iron

Before you proceed to measuring the molar mass of iron, it is important that you learn and understand what is iron, its characteristics, properties and so on. Iron is a natural mineral that can be found in many places and living beings, including plants, a lot of animals, air, soil, etc. As a matter of fact, iron can be found not only on the Earth, but also on the Moon surface and in different meteorites. Almost all the plants that you can see on the Earth absorb iron from the soil with the help of their root systems. When animals eat these plants, they get their doze of iron and their organisms take benefits from this mineral. At the end of the day, people eat both plants and animals and as a result, we also have iron in our organisms. Therefore, as you can see, iron is an integral part of everything and everybody, including the planet Earth, the Moon and space.

There are people who consider iron to be a heavy metal. The truth is, however, that iron is a metal, but not the heavy one. For a human, it is dangerous not to have iron in the organism, but at the same time, it is even more dangerous to have too much iron. There has to be an essential amount of this mineral for normal functioning of the human body. This mineral is not produced by the human body itself, it has to be gotten from what we eat. The lack of iron may lead to different problems with health and even to serious diseases. Therefore, everybody should know how much iron to consume, where to take it, what specificities of this mineral are and how to take use of it appropriately.

Iron as a metal has been used by people since early ancient times for different purposes. Its only disadvantage was that the temperature of melting iron was higher than the temperature of melting of other metals available at that times. On the one hand, iron is a rather soft metal, which makes it comfortable to use it, although when it comes to melting, iron requires higher temperatures than may require other metals. Another disadvantage of iron is corrosion. While such metals as gold, silver, aluminum and others can resist corrosion, iron can be seriously damaged because of it. For this reason, many objects made from iron that have been used thousands of years ago are very rare to find. It is known that Egyptians used iron for creating numerous objects, including household items and different kinds of weapon five thousand years ago.

The usage of iron and iron compounds

Since calculating of the molar mass of iron is a rather widespread assignment that students face during their studies, it would be good to enlighten the issue of the uses of iron. This metallic chemical element can be seen almost everywhere on our planet, it is very common and widespread, so that it is used far and wide across the world in a number of different industries, if not to mention its role on the functioning of the human body. In comparison to many other metals, iron is not really expensive, what makes it available for the majority of people. Therefore, it is widely used in creating tools for machines, cars, various ships, etc. In addition, iron is an essential metal for usage in medicine. Many tools, equipments for surgery are made from iron.

There is also such type of steel as stainless steel, which is used in many different areas, even cosmetology. This kind of metal is produced by adding iron to other metals. Stainless steel is very important nowadays, it makes a lot of things that people use in their everyday life work just perfectly. As a matter of fact, combinations of iron and many other chemical elements make it possible to create products that play significant role in various areas of human life. For example, below are some of the most widespread compounds that include iron that you can get familiar with.

  • Iron chloride is a very useful combination being used in exploiting sewage systems, manufacturing elements of clothing, for paints, and even as an additive for food for animals.
  • There is also such compound as iron sulfate that is used in different ways, too. This chemical compound is essential if somebody has anemia or deficiency of iron. In this case, iron sulfate can be used as a means of medical treatment.
  • Another important chemical compound that includes iron is iron hydroxide. It is used for water purification systems. Thanks to this chemical compound you can get clean water running in your kitchen.
  • Finally, there is also such compound as iron arsenate. It is very important because it helps fight with different kinds of pests that are harmful for plants. As a result, yo can eat good food due to iron arsenate that is not spoiled by the attacks of pets.

It has to be mentioned that iron is very important for human beings. Not everyone knows, but it is iron that helps transport oxygen around human body, and it is essential for production of cells of human blood. Apart from it, iron is an essential part of hemoglobin, the role of which in the organism of a human is hard to overestimate. Taking into consideration the fact, that human body is not able to produce iron without external help, it is important to consume products, plants and meat that have iron among other ingredients as a part of everyday nutrition in order to be healthy.

Iron in the environment

Apart from usage of iron in a wide range of industries, there are also uses of iron everywhere in the contemporary world. You can find iron everywhere, beginning from the means of transportation and finishing with a number of items and objects that are used in everyday life by everybody. The reason why iron is so popular is simple. It has two different types of properties, such as metallic and non-metallic, which increases the number of purposes that iron can be used for. Therefore, this metal can be used in accordance with the needs of people, whether they need that or another compound. In today’s world, there is a great number of steels. Everywhere you go you will find out that steel is an integral part of everything – in building houses that people live in, manufacturing vehicles that people travel by, steel is used in every single kind of construction. Even electronic devices, computers, television sets, telephones and other items are made with the help of that or another kind of steel. In addition, iron is all kinds of buildings surrounding you, bridges are build with the usage if iron, space ships and so on.

When it is said that iron can be found everywhere, is it absolutely truth. Regardless of the fact whether you can see it with your own eyes or not, iron exists in different forms all around us. It is very useful at our homes, there are a lot of items made of steel in our kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and so on. The majority of furnitures and cookware are made from iron. Even though iron is not really able to resist rust formation, the range of areas where it can be used is getting wider all the time.

How to manage calculating the molar mass of iron and compounds

As it has already been said, compounds are combinations of different elements. Some examples of compounds you have already got familiar with earlier in the article and now we would like to enlighten the issue of calculating the molar mass of compounds, which is essential to be able to do if you need to deal with that or another chemical reactions. Keep reading to learn how to calculate the molar mass of iron and compounds that have this chemical element.

  • The first step will be to identify the atomic masses of every separate element of the compound. You need to take into account each element that the given compound consists of, including iron. Here, you are going to use the periodic table in order to get essential data for calculation.
  • Your second step is going to be to count the number of atoms that every element of the given compound consists of. Again, you need to turn to the help of the periodic table, where you can find the needed data.
  • After that, you will have to find the molecular mass of each element, including the molar mass of iron, which will lead you to the overall molar mass of the compound. Therefore, calculate the number of atoms of every element of the compound.
  • Finally, once you have the molar masses of all the elements, you need to put all those numbers together. The number that you will get in the end will be the molar mass of the compound that you were looking for.

All the information provided in this article will be very helpful when dealing with chemical assignments concerning the molar mass of iron and its calculating.

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