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How to write a thesis statement easy writing guidelines

Learning how to write a thesis statement

Essay assignments that students face during their studies at high school and college are divided into a number of types. There are such kinds of papers, as expository, persuasive, analytical, argumentative and others. If you are assigned to deal with argumentative paper writing, you should know that your objective is going to be to prove that your viewpoint on a particular issue (it can be a theory, approach, event or hypothesis) is the only correct viewpoint and that all the rest of viewpoints are wrong. Generally speaking, you have to prove your rightness and convince your target audience in your position. The most important part in dealing with argumentative paper writing is to know how to deal with writing a thesis statement. If you can deal with writing an impressive, interesting and convincing thesis statement, there is a great chance that your paper will have success. In this article, you will learn how to write a thesis statement in such a way that you will get your reader convinced in your rightness and make a good and remarkable impression on your potential target audience.

Every good thesis statement needs to have a number of characteristics that determine its successfulness. If your goal is to be good at argumentative paper writing, you need to be aware of these characteristics and know how to write a thesis statement so it could meet all the requirements of a professionally written paper. Therefore, read the following characteristics carefully:

  • The argument of a thesis statement has to be focused on one main idea.
  • The argument itself should be a coherent, clear and understandable statement. It cannot be in a form of a question, but instead, it has to convince the audience, not to ask.
  • Your personal opinion in regard to the issue enlightened in the thesis statement has to be supported by a strong, reliable and valid evidence.
  • The thesis statement has to be grounded on pros and cons. Here, we mean all the arguments that you are going to provide your thesis statement with, including arguments in favor of the key viewpoint of the paper, as well as arguments against the key viewpoint.
  • The approach of your writing has to be well-structured and organized appropriately.
  • You have to keep your potential audience in mind in order to understand their beliefs, attitudes, their mood and requirements. In other words, there has to be an awareness of target audience.
  • The evidence in your thesis statement has to be absolutely convincing.
  • The language of your paper doesn’t have to be boring, but instead, you need to make each sentence of your paper loud, interesting, understandable and clear.
  • The paragraphs of your argumentative paper should be logical. Every paragraph needs to include only one key point, which has to be provided in the first sentence.
  • There has to be a specific progression from one paragraph to another. In order to make your paper understandable and convincing, this progression has to be rather natural, logical and coherent.
  • The argumentative thesis statement has to be ended as good, as it is started. The conclusion has to be strong and obvious, all the key points provided in the paper should be summarized.

Having said that, learning how to write a thesis statement is not unbearably hard, but at the same time, it requires you to spend dome time and efforts, be attentive and careful. To know how to cope with writing a good thesis statement means to know how to convince your potential reader to accept the opinion and the position of the writer. Therefore, writing of this assignment foresees guiding upon an arguable viewpoint and proving the viewpoint appropriately. Let us get familiar with a number of important steps that you need to undertake if you want to make your paper remarkable and successful.

Understanding what is a thesis statement

Whether you are assigned to deal with an argumentative essay or even with a doctoral dissertation, the ability to build a good and impressive thesis statement is definitely the most important part of your work and also, a difficult one. An effective thesis statement manifests the purpose of your argumentative essay and also, it has to serve for controlling, organizing and structuring your whole argumentation in an appropriate way. If you don’t have a good and strong thesis statement, your entire argumentation will seem not convincing enough, even if you provide many arguments un regard to the discussed issue. Therefore, one of the main tasks to deal with when learning about thesis statement writing is also learning how to grab the attention of your target audience and provoke their interest in the topic of discussion.

At the same time, it is necessary that you realize the meaning of this kind of assignment, as long as this is what the purpose of your essay will depend on. Generally speaking, this is a piece of writing that foresees a description of a particular issue and providing of facts and relevant evidences in order to support it. In addition, you should not mix up argumentative paper writing with writing of a persuasive essay, because even though their main purpose is to convince, they still foresee different means of convincing. In contrast to an argumentative paper, the persuasive essay should be based more on an emotional perception of the discussed issue, rather than on rationality. In other words, when dealing with writing a persuasive paper, you have an opportunity to provide such claims that could affect your target reader emotionally, provoke certain feelings, etc. When writing an argumentative paper, however, you are expected to provide strict facts, follow logic in every sentence and not rely upon emotional reactions of your potential reader.

In order to succeed, you need to create such a thesis statement that would match all the characteristics of your paper, its style, format, mood, tone and so on. Apart from it, your thesis statement requires you to make a good claim formulating a clear opinion enlightening your position about the discussed issue. Keep in mind that after reading your paper the reader has to accept your opinion and think the same way as you do, even if before reading your paper his point of view was absolutely different.

Five steps to learn how to write a thesis statement

  • The first step. First of all, you have to learn and make sure you understand the meaning of the thesis statement. By thesis statement, we mean several sentences providing a summary of the main goal of your paper. In this kind of essay you need to make a claim in regard to particular subject. In the body of your argumentative paper you will show why your claim is right and fair and support your opinion with evidences.
  • The second step. When undertaking this step, you will have to search for a controversial viewpoint. This essay has to show a particular claim to be discussed and tells the potential reader what evidences prove that the claim is logical and right. You have to think carefully about the topic of your argumentative essay and figure out, which opinion most probably could be argued for and against. Once you’ve got the viewpoint chosen, you need to write down several sentences providing this information to the target audience.
  • The third step. Even if all the previous steps are successfully undertaken, there is no need to proceed directly to the writing at once. First of all, ensure that your thesis is clear, will not get the reader bored and not too broad. The success of a thesis statement, among other properties, also depends on how narrow you make it. Take into consideration that your paper needs to be narrow, because the paper itself doesn’t have to make an impression of a long story. Your thesis statement is the manifestation of a specific opinion that you argue for. Thus, there has to be the page limit.
  • The fourth step. Now it’s time to choose the relevant and arguable claim which will help you make your thesis narrow. All the claims are divided into a number of types: claims of cause and effect (where you have to provide the relation between an action and an outcome), claims of particular fact or definition (you need to discuss the existence of particular phenomenon), claims referring to the values (you need to demonstrate the attitude of people concerning that or another issue), and finally, claims concerning policies (you need to support particular policy).
  • The fifth step. When undertaking this step, you need to make sure that your argumentative thesis is written in the proper section of the paper. It has to allocate in the end of the essay’s introduction. Keep in mind that introduction is meant to introduce the topic of your paper, to make the audience be interested in it, provide the necessary background information, determine and announce your main idea, as well as provide a preview of the rest of your paper. Usually, the introduction is written in the first paragraph of the essay.

Remember that the claim for your essay should be grounded on your position and relevant knowledge in regard to the discussed topic. Even though you are not an expert in the area of your paper’s topic, you need to make an impression as if you are an expert. Be confident if you want your potential reader to trust you. To choose the right claim, we recommend imagining your target audience standing in front of you. Visualizing is always a helpful methodology, it gives you a clearer understanding of what you are going to deal with. Pay attention to the fact that even if you proceed to the writing having only one type of claim, there is a great chance that the number of claims will increase within the paper.

Once your paper (or the first draft) is finished, you need to make sure that it meets the next requirements:

  • The thesis statement is written in a clear and coherent manner, the content of the paper is reasonable and logically structured. In case if you want to make a remarkable impression, you need to demonstrate that your arguments are absolutely logical and obvious.
  • The topic of your thesis statement is debatable. As a matter of fact, many students find it difficult to come up with a debatable topic, although it is very important if your objective is to persuade your potential reader that your opinion is right and solid.
  • Your thesis statement is arguable. In order to prove the relevance of your thesis statement, you need to provide it with appropriate evidences supporting every idea provided in your argumentative paper.
  • There paper needs to provide your own opinion. Even if it is different from all the others, you have to be confident about yourself and give your personal opinion in regard to the particular issue. In fact, it is the golden rule when learning how to write a thesis statement, because the overall purpose of this kind of writing assignment is to teach you to be capable to manifest your personal opinion with confidence and to be able to prove it accordingly.

As you can see, learning how to write a thesis statement is not an easy deal, but you will cope with it if you take it seriously and follow the above-provided guidelines.

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