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Important Chemical Properties and Their Examples

The Definition of Chemical Properties

As a student who studies chemistry, you should be familiar with chemical properties, or you won’t be able to get high grades. They are all about the important characteristics of any material that are evident when it undergoes different chemical reactions or changes. This means that you can’t observe chemical properties just by touching samples or viewing given materials because their structure must be changed to allow you to do that.

Basically, these properties are obvious after or during specific reactions, and this means that they include any quality established while changing the chemical identity of a particular substance. It’s impossible to determine chemical properties only by touching or viewing specific materials because their internal structure should be affected to allow you to investigate them. When any substance undergoes chemical reactions, its properties are changed considerably, thus resulting in changes. Keep in mind that its catalytic property is a chemical one.

It’s easy to contrast chemical properties with the physical ones because they can be viewed without changing the structure of materials. However, when it comes to different properties in terms of physical chemistry and other relevant disciplines, this distinction is a matter of your perspective. Remember that both physical and chemical properties can be viewed as secondary to their underlying reality. The chemical ones are often used to build important classifications and identify unknown substances. They are quite helpful if you need to purify a specific material from others, but don’t forget that science considers chemical properties to guide a set of basic applications.

Basic Information about the Properties of Matters

Matters are everything around you, and there are two types of properties used to describe and identify them: physical and chemical properties. The first group identifies everything you can feel or see, including the textures and colors of specific objects, while the second one is used to describe how different substances behave during chemical reactions. You can see chemical properties just by looking at a given object, unlike the physical ones. As you already know, it must change its structure or makeup to make you able to see them.

How do substances get such important properties? Take into account that all things consist from tiny particles or atoms, and they provide substances with their basic physical and chemical properties. For example, pay attention to steel and paper because they are also made from multiple atoms, but they both have different properties. This means that these properties are responsible for telling people about those changes that happen with the atoms of specific objects.

What about chemical reactions? They happen when you combine certain substances into a new one through a specific chemical reaction. It’s easy to tell when their changes happen if flames, gases, bubbles, and others are given off during them. You need to use such reactions to get more information about the important chemical properties of a specific substance or object.

Helpful and Informative Examples

It’s possible to establish specific chemical properties only when the chemical identity of a given material is changed, and this is what makes them different from the physical ones that are easy to touch and observe. You need to alter the internal qualities of objects to get a better understanding of its important properties. As a chemistry student, you should be aware of their basic types, such as the following:

  • It’s all about how easily materials can ignite or burn, and it’s one of the most substantial chemical properties because you can’t tell how easily an object will burn just by looking at it. You need to do fire testing to define how easy to difficult it is to get this material to burn. Nowadays, information about flammability is often used in fire and building codes, basic insurance requirements, handling, storing, or moving flammable things.
  • The heat of combustion also belongs to chemical properties, and it’s all about the amount of energy released as heat when you burn a given substance with oxygen. For example, pay attention to the calories converted into energy within your own body and the amount of heat that can be generated while burning different fuels.
  • Toxicity is one of the fundamental chemical properties, and it determined how much specific substances can damage plants, organs, cells, animals, and other living organisms. The examples of those materials that have high toxicity include mercury, lead, chlorine gas, and others. This chemical property must be measured by how such substances affect organisms or by how much damage they can do and how fast it will be caused. If you want to learn more about chemical properties, remember that lead is quite a toxic material because it can cause a lot of harm to different body organs, including kidneys, hearts, bones, and so on.
  • The ability to oxidize shouldn’t be neglected when studying chemical properties, as this is what happens while losing hydrogen, gaining oxygen, and losing electrons. It’s a chemical property determined by the oxidation number that is changed. As an example, you should research rusting because such metals as steel and iron start rusting over time, and this process happens much faster when these substances are combined with oxygen. There are other examples of oxidation that you can use when doing your homework related to chemical properties.
  • The emission of radiation from atoms that has an unstable nucleus also belongs to important chemical properties. Make sure that you are familiar with the periodic table of elements to understand that there are no stable isotopes that can be called radioactive. Some of the most radioactive chemical elements include cobalt, iron, carbon, hydrogen, calcium, etc.
  • Chemical stability is one of the chemical properties in a given environment, and it’s also called thermodynamic stability. You should understand that it’s a stability that happens when a given chemical system is in the lowest energy state with the environment. The most interesting detail is that it may last indefinitely until something happens that changes this system.
  • Half-life. Interested in mastering chemical properties? Then you should understand that it’s all about the amount of time taken for the half of original substances to decay. Nowadays, this property is often used in nuclear physics and chemistry to describe the amount of time required for the half of unstable radioactive atoms in specific samples to experience their radioactive decaying.

Each of the above-mentioned examples belongs to chemical properties, and you should know how to identify them to get high grades when completing your assignments. If this task still seems a bit confusing or hard, you can always entrust it to qualified and skilled freelancers available online.

A Few Other Substantial Notes

You need to know how to characterize specific chemical substances by their important properties to be able to identify them. The good news is that their chemical properties provide you with more information about the nature of different substances. If you’re tired of guessing while identifying them, remember that there are other effective ways to determine what a particular material is, and this is when chemical properties always come in handy.

Basically, they are all about the properties of objects that can be observed only when they undergo certain chemical changes that help you change their identity because of breakage and forming complete new chemical bonds. These changes and those chemical properties that they help you produce are connected with physical properties, including density, smell, boiling and melting points, etc.

It’s important to observe and investigate different substances to use them safely and effectively. For instance, you won’t be able to handle them properly without knowing their basic chemical properties, such as the enthalpy of formation. What is it all about? Imagine chemical substances formed from some standard elements, and you’ll understand that hear is either absorbed or released during this process. This heat is associated with the standard enthalpy of formation, and this characteristic is very important for different reasons. The main one is that it can tell people more about the stability of given compounds and their reactivity with other elements. Take any chemical element in its standard form and find it in the table that shows some standard enthalpies.

In addition, you should learn more about reactivity when studying chemical properties because compounds can be quite hostile to each other, and this is what often results in putting a few opposing chemicals close to one another. Those chemicals that are amicable don’t react or fight, so remember that this chemical concept is related to reactivity, which is focused on the ability of different substances to combine with each other. Some of them are quite reactive, while others remain un-reactive, and you need to do certain chemical reactions to determine that.

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