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Learning what is a conjunction

An introduction to Conjunctions

As the name suggests, Conjunctions are sentence joiners or connectors to turn them unique, typical, and logical. They conjoin various parts of sentences to make them meaningful, unlike simple sentences. Having little value by their own identities, they leave a bigger impact when joined with other words as the integral parts of sentences. What is a conjunction and how to explain it to the best possible extent? Experts argue that Conjunctions can have a high influence even in a simple sentence due to their abilities to transform the sentence structures.

It goes without saying that as grammatical parts of speech, Conjunctions are always the best usable options to smoothen sentences. They can be used in the contexts of words, sentences, phrases or clause connections. Their use solely depends on the specific needs. When exploring what is a conjunction, you can rather analyze many such contexts. Being an inflexible grammatical particle they are also used popularly in idiomatic phrases. The commonest of them are as follows:

    • Coordinating Conjunctions
    • Correlative Conjunctions
    • Subordinating Conjunctions

Conjunctions can be easily recalled for their uses in the sentences. Due to being fewer than four letters and or in limited numbers, their uses can be best to shape communication. You can definitely write a tempting and thought-provoking literary essay through the perfect use of Coordinated Conjunctions. Use Conjunctions carefully because any wrong use might literally change the meaning of a sentence.

What is a conjunction in the multiple contexts

All categories of Conjunctions have their specific features. They can play crucial functions through joining various types of words or phrases together. It is well said that one might write anything and everything but can’t write something readable if Conjunctions are ignored. It is therefore, necessary to learn what is a conjunction and how it makes sentences effective. Even the simplest of sentences can be turned outstanding through a Conjunction use with a perfect grammatical structuring.

You might write a business paper or something else. The need of Conjunctions will always be there. As such parts of speeches are important grammatical tools, they prove helpful to craft sentences. Their needs are everywhere. Coordinating Conjunctions are usually denoted with the famous acronym (FANBOYS) to describe for; and; nor; but; or; yet and so Conjunctions. Still one may raise the question, what is a conjunction because there are several other categories as well.

Major attributes of different types of Conjunctions

While assessing the question, what is a conjunction there is a need to do a thorough evaluation of all categories. As joiners, Coordinating Conjunctions pave the way to describe equality. They are used with the words, phrases and clauses wherever suitable. Such Conjunctions mustn’t be preferred while beginning or ending sentences. As items to use in-between sentences, they bring a perfect flow in the sentence structures.

You write accounting paper or something of its nature with an entirely different theme but you can’t ignore the use of Conjunctions. Correlative Conjunctions are pair conjunctions which add more value to an idea discussed in an academic paper. Conjunctions either – or; both – and; neither – nor and not only – but also amongst others, are the commonest of those whose parallel structuring features are at par.

Conjunctions and Conjunctive Adverbs

Conjunctive Adverbs are one more form of Conjunctions. They are most commonly used to join the independent clauses together. Take for example after all; in addition; incidentally; nonetheless; indeed amongst other terms. One might argue what is a conjunction in the groups. As parts of speech, the Subordinating Conjunctions categories are words brought into common usage as subordinate ideas to give some force to ideas.

The Conjunctions such as after; in order; unless; although and insofar etc., are known for joining two clauses together. Interestingly, even after joining two clauses they maintain their oneness as dependent clause to make the sentences impactful. One enjoys flexibility to use such Conjunctions in the beginning of a sentence or even in-between two clauses. It entirely depends on the choice and options available beforehand.

Other important features of Conjunctions

One of the most important features of Subordinate Conjunction is that it can offer a tighter connection between different clauses. Such connectivity level is less in the Coordinating Conjunctions. Their uses are commonly seen in writing a personal essay or academic essays. Judge the roles of specific Conjunctions minutely if they suit to your subject or not.

Besides exploring what is a conjunction, a learner must also take keen interest to understand the related sentence structuring tools. The use of commas is important while choosing Coordinating Conjunctions to connect different types of independent clauses. Such smaller but important aspects should be well understood to bring influential meaning in the sentences.

One can hone communication through the suitable use of different grammatical elements. Conjunctions are one of them. Writers should balance the use of signs and symbols. Focusing on specific Conjunctions can ease obtaining the desired special meaning from a sentence. Learners can observe such factors which pertain to the use of such parts of speeches.

Writers must understand various dimensions of grammar and language besides analyzing what is a conjunction and how it can make the sentences influential. The need is to understand the contexts of their specific uses. A decision to skip or add commas while using some Coordinating Conjunctions solely depends on the consistency matters.

Besides its prime value as a joiner meant to join different types of independent clauses, Conjunctions also join two sentence elements. The use or skipping of commas for Coordinating Conjunctions entirely depends on the various types of sentence contexts or subjects. Their uses are common in case study essays. Novelists, dramatists and critics are regularly using Conjunctions in their works. With suitable uses in the sentences, their works have become classic works of literature.

Relative use of Conjunctions in sentences

Use of Conjunctions varies depending on the need of a sentence and its specific structure. When learning what is a conjunction, one should also focus on the uses in certain portions of sentence. Their uses in the beginning, mid or end would change the meaning dramatically. It also depends on specific scenarios for which sentences are meant for. If it is to highlight certain exclusive meaning of a particular sentence then the use of conjunctions would differ.

Many experts argue that it hardly makes any sense to start a sentence with Conjunctions. They insist that such practices are improper and, therefore, must be avoided. There are common uses of Conjunctions at the beginning of sentences. Take for example, many sentences beginning with the “And” Conjunction. Such practices have been commonly found amongst authors from the Anglo-Saxon era. They used Conjunctions in the beginning of sentences on a regular basis. Their logic is that such techniques are meant to empower the narration consistency of thoughts expressed in the sentences.

Flexibilities in the use of Conjunctions

There are ample flexibilities in the use of Conjunctions. It is not enough to just learn what is a conjunction. The focus must also be on knowing the flexibilities of their uses in specific sentences. Their uses are meant to draw an attention and therefore writers can thoroughly examine their genuine use in sentences they write. Some conjunctions highlight specific questions. There are several others that enhance the connectivity of two sentences.

Flexibility makes the Conjunctions more vulnerable to misuse. They can be used to focus on certain styling or to suggest an element of surprise in a particular sentence. Their uses are also best suitable to suggest a particular degree of comments in sentences. Likewise, they remain the ultimate options to suggest the contrasts in sentence themes. If you use Conjunctions in two parts of a sentence, you can definitely develop an affirmative sense. It is here that authors can easily balance the negative and positive elements in a particular sentence. You can also connect two ideas having the meaning of ‘with an exception’ through the Conjunctions.

The question, what is a conjunction is well understood when used in multiple contexts. They can be used for inclusive combinations and also to highlight alternatives in sentences. One can use them to suggest a restatement or a correction through such parts of speeches. It is easy to make a negative condition from their uses. A few of them are commonly used as prepositions as well but such uses are still rare. There is an endless opportunity to use Conjunctions in various contexts of sentences. This parts of speech leaves ample room for a writer to make sentences influential, focused and creative.

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