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Surface Area of a Pyramid – Things Important to Know

What Is the Surface Area of a Pyramid ?

# title#Surface Area of a Pyramid – Things Important to Know#/title#

You may be familiar with the pyramid but more often than not, you are aware of it because it is known to be one of the wonders that should be seen in person. Since the shape of the pyramid is unique, a lot of mathematicians have always longed to learn how to compute its actual size. A pyramid is considered to be a polyhedron. This means that the base and the triangular faces are all equal to the number of sides at the base.

The surface area of a pyramid that you are going to measure will highly depend on the type of pyramid that you would like to use. Do you think that you want to use a square pyramid, a hexagonal pyramid or perhaps a regular pyramid? Depending on your choice, the measurements that you will get will also matter. Of course, the size of the pyramids will also make a huge difference on the figures that you will get.

Frankly speaking, you can get the surface area of a pyramid if you would add the area of the base to all of the sides of the pyramid. By all the sides, this means that you need to check the lateral sides of the pyramid. The standard formula of a regular pyramid is SA=p x h/2 + B. This will translate to surface area equals perimeter of the base times the slant height divided by 2 + the base area. Knowing the formula for calculating the surface area of a pyramid will, at least, make it easier for you to figure out what you should do.

The moment that you memorize the formula then getting to know the surface area of a pyramid can be done much faster than before. If in case you are feeling confused, you may have to know the different types of pyramids first so that you will have more knowledge about pyramids in general. The regular pyramid is a polygon with triangle faces that are equally sized. The irregular pyramid, on the other hand, is also composed of various triangle faces but this time, the faces are not all the same. Convex pyramid based on the name itself has a convex base and a concave pyramid has a concave base. A right pyramid, on the other hand, has isosceles triangles for all of its faces. An oblique pyramid has various types of triangles on its lateral sides.

If you already think that there are so many types of pyramids, the ones mentioned above are just the variety of pyramids based on their sides. You still have to know the variety of pyramids based on their bases so that you will know what to expect. The first one is a triangular pyramid, this may be the common pyramid that you will see and you can draw. It has a triangle base. The square pyramid, on the other hand, has a square shaped base. The pentagonal pyramid has a pentagon shaped base composed of 5 sides and the hexagonal pyramid has a hexagon as its base. All of these pyramids’ surface area can be computed by using the formula of the surface area of a pyramid. In case you need to know how to make a thesis then simply follow what will be asked of you by your professor and use the various types of pyramids as your topic. It can be quite exciting.

Now that you know that there are different pyramids that are available, you have to remember that it is not enough that you have memorized the basic formula for computing the surface area of a pyramid. Rather, what you should do is learn how to derive that formula so that you can solve any pyramid shape that you would have to compute. To give you an example, the derived formula for computing a square based pyramid is SA = 2 x b x h + b^2. If in case you are having trouble understanding this, this means that Surface Area is equal to 2 times base x height + base square root of 2.

If you would like to solve for triangular pyramids, then you would have to derive the formula once again. Instead of the two formulas that you have learned, you would have to use SA =(1/2 x a x b) + (3/2 x b x h). This translates to surface area of a triangular pyramid is equal to 1/2 x apothem length of the pyramid x base + 3/2 x base x height. Based on the things that are mentioned above, it is apparent that you have to memorize these formulas. Once you figure out the type of pyramid, you simply need to think of the formula that you would use for it and solve for the surface area of a pyramid.

More Details to Learn About the Pyramid

You have to know that pyramids are said to have started in Egypt. Egyptian workers proved that hard work that people are undergoing right now is nothing to what they have done. They have painstakingly created each pyramid. It can already be fascinating to see just one pyramid but they did not make just one. They have made several that are just truly amazing to see. In the year 2008, there are more than 100 pyramids that have been discovered and most housed some of the pharaohs that lived in Egypt long ago.

The earliest pyramids were found in the northwest of Memphis specifically in Saqqara. Each pyramid now has a name to make it easier for researchers and everyone interested in pyramids to know exactly which pyramid is being analyzed and talk about. The Pyramid of Djoser is known to be the oldest one based on its masonry. It has been said that over a hundred thousand Egyptian laborers slaved off just to make that pyramid. Trying to guess the surface area of a pyramid that is that big can be truly hard but it can be even harder for people to try building pyramids without the help of modern day equipment that we may have now.

Although the oldest pyramid is well known because it is the first, a lot of people are usually impressed with the pyramids that can be found in Giza probably because they are large. Some people flock to Egypt just to see the pyramids. You may have to make an english paper about this also, so make sure that you will remember.

There are some people who feel that pyramids hold some type of power and this is one of the main reasons why aside from the surface area of a pyramid, there are a lot of people who have grown attached to the shape. Some even try to collect memorabilia that may be related to pyramids and/or to Egypt. They say that they feel more powerful because the power of the pyramid is always available to protect them but there is no known scientific evidence that will prove that pyramids actually have some sort of power. Imagine making this as your thesis proposal, don’t you think that it will be grand?

Aside from the power that is said to hound the pyramids of Egypt, there are also a lot of people who believe that the pyramids have curses. It has been said that any person who tries to disturb the sleep of pharaohs will be dead due to various reasons. Most people usually do not believe in these things until they actually know someone who does experience such curse, there are already some unexplained mysteries surrounding the pyramids and their pharaohs. Of course, there are also some scientists who say that the main reason why people die after trying to know more information about the pyramids and the pharaohs is because of radiation that may have built up over the years. There are also some bacteria that are virtually unknown to the modern world that may still exist in pyramids.These bacteria may cause severe problems with human beings that can ultimately lead to the death of humans. With all of these information, you can be pretty sure that you will not make a generic essay.

The most famous curse is probably at the Tomb of Tutankhamun. The tomb was first opened in the year 1922 and Lord Carnavon who served as the backer of the whole expedition died four months after the tomb has been opened. His cause of death is said to be because of an infected mosquito bite. There was a lot of media frenzy because of this and there were a lot of speculations about his death that it was years later before anyone tried to enter the tomb again. This time, it was Sir Bruce Ingram who received a paperweight. There was a curse inscribed on the paperweight stating that anyone who disturbs the rest of King Tutankhamun will be exposed to fire and water. Coincidentally, the house of Ingram burned down and when it was rebuilt, it became flooded. Of course, there were a lot of people who became part of the expedition and out of the 58, only 8 died which may prove that it was a rumor that got out of hand and it was laden with so many coincidences. It is a good thing that you do not have to make a coursework definition out of this otherwise, you are truly game on doing a practical test on the pyramids of Egypt.

Of course, there are still other modern accounts that are said to report that the pharaohs of Egypt do not want to become disturbed in any way. The main reason why the rumors probably started is because of the inscriptions that can be found in the tombs of the pharaohs. From those that curse anyone to lose all of their goods if they open the pharaohs coffin to those who say that those who enter tombs will end their lives in grisly manners, these inscriptions will be enough to unnerve a lot of people. Probably one of the favorite inscriptions of people though is one that comes from the Old Kingdom era. The inscription reads something like this “Cursed are those who ought to disrupt the rest of a pharaoh. Those who try to break tombs will be diagnosed with conditions never known to doctors.” People may laugh because of this or they may get scared as it can be considered a form of curse.

There are always a lot of known facts and details about pyramids but aside from its history, a lot of people would like to know more about the current state of the pyramids and their sizes. Knowing the surface area of a pyramid will always help but a vast understanding of all things related to pyramids first can be very helpful for a lot of individuals.

  • The surface area of a pyramid can be solved by knowing the basic formula
  • Knowing how to derive the basic formula can help solve more problems related to the shape of the pyramid
  • There are different types of pyramids that are available depending on the sides and the bases
  • It has been said that people believe that a pyramid is powerful and can also give its power to those who believe in it
  • Ancient Egyptian pyramids that house the Egyptian pharaohs are said to be cursed

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