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The online calculator : various modifications

What is the online calculator : a general introduction to the problem

In truth, it is a commonplace to state that almost every day we are faced with various arithmetical operations, some of which are quite time-consuming and/or oversophisticated for those of us who do not want to spend their time trying to remember firmly forgotten courses of algebra and geometry. On the other hand, a large percentage of users is in need of different programs and algorithms that allow them to calculate diverse mathematical operations, which appertain to highly specialized spheres of knowledge, such as problems connected with management, financial analysis, programming, astronomy, sociology, chemistry, theoretical physics, mechanics, etc. Therefore, one needs to have an uninterrupted access to the most effective and user-friendly software products that can satisfy one’s needs. Obviously, practically all ordinary users of the World Wide Web are familiar with the online calculator and different similar programs that can ease various types of calculations from elementary arithmetic operations to particularized exceptional financial or scientific computations. Furthermore, one can easily select a particular online calculator for each specific case, such as writing a critical essay about specific methods of reckoning the orbits of small celestial bodies or an accounting report about desirable changes in project financing schemes, according to one’s requirements and eschewing a great class of problems with unfamiliar software products. Thereby, it is always useful and informative to indicate diverse types of programs that can be used in these situations in order to supply the audience with information about current trends in the software market, the most popular programs, the greatest achievements and the most effective tips. Hence, let us inspect the main types of these programs along with the history of this mathematical tool.

The online calculator is a general title of the group of specialized mathematical programs, which are constructed with an eye to supply users with instantaneous answers on different mathematical request. In addition, various types of the standard online calculator can provide users supplementary functions, such as creating diagrams and plots or even specific recommendations about particular mathematical issues along with links to the reputable online services that contain information about problems connected with the user’s requests. In fact, a great number of these specialized services also include diverse mini variants of the standard online calculator, specialized for specific algebraic, geometrical, astronomical or financial assignments. Usually, even the conjectural college paper writing service, which is aimed at the audience far from the sphere of pure mathematical sciences, contains a few modifications of the standard online calculator. These modifications of the classical online calculator allow all users to categorize, classify and analyze information about some specific issue from the point of view of modern stochastic analysis. For example, one requires information about the frequency of use of specific expressions (verbs, numbers, names, titles, etc.) in the analyzed text. Additionally, our notional user does not nourish a desire to spend her time examining dozens of pages of different manuals that are dedicated to some highly specialized and, unfortunately, extremely complicated nuances of modern mathematical software. Thereby, one can solve this problem using an elementary online calculator and, simultaneously, eschewing a considerable set of problems and delays with other methods. The mechanism is pretty simple: one has to indicate the number of the specific objects in her english paper, determine the percentage of this objects in the text, using one of the standard text editor sets along with the online calculato r, and select an option ‘create a diagram’. Therefore, with the assist of this specialized set of programs, one may not only solve the concrete mathematical task but also create all necessary presentation materials, such as various graphics, schedules and tables. Thus, we can assume that the modern online calculator is one of the most effective and necessary tools for virtually all lays of users.

Various modifications of the modern online calculator : a brief classification

Of course, it is a quite difficult task to discover the online calculator, which contains all these functions. Moreover, this task can be considered not only as extremely difficult, but also as surprisingly pointless. In truth, the system that includes all specialized mathematical functions, which can satisfy all the requests from various groups of users, would be awkward, excessively loaded with various operations and, doubtlessly, too over sophisticated for the lion’s share of the audience who desire to receive their answers accurately and in time, eschewing delays. Thereby, one has to look for different types of the online calculator in order to gain confidence that she is ready for different types of assignments, both mundane and extraordinary. In addition to various types of the online calculator, which are designed in order to solve pure mathematical equations, there exists a great series of mathematical programs that are designed for managers, financial analytics, pupils, scientists, engineers, etc. In fact, all groups of society can find the special set of these programs in accordance with their particular needs. A pupil who is seeking for the information about the capstone project would use the online calculator with an eye to calculate the results of her experiments, whereas a financial analytic would be interested in diagrams that can illustrate the concrete situation on the market. Of course, one has to be familiar with the very basics of mathematical principles in order to formulate correct requests. Unfortunately, the heuristic algorithms of the modern software are far from ideal, thus, even the simplest question, such as what is a capstone project, would not be answered by modern programs, eschewing consultations with the specialists. Nevertheless, the standard online calculator always supplies users with information of all mathematical operations that can be performed. In addition, the online calculator also permits users to save and edit the history of all previously performed actions. Therefore, one can always indicate the mistake based on the incorrect data entry, modify the computations in the case of receiving new input data, which has significant differences with the initial conditions, or calculate various variants of the same initial scenario, using minor changes on the different stages of one’s computations. Therefore, let us indicate the most popular and effective modifications of the online calculator, which can be used in daily practice for performing various assignments. Here is a brief list of these modifications, including financial, mathematical and scientific variants:

  • The amortization online calculator. This online tool is widely used for computations of diverse payments (for example, monthly and/or annual bills). You can obtain your results in two different forms: the table with all the numbers and the diagram, which indicates the crucial points in your payment schedule. In fact, this online calculator is practically indispensable for all categories of users. After all, there exists nothing so constant as taxes.
  • The inflation online calculator. This online calculator allows users to calculate the equivalent value of the chosen currency in any year. Usually, this system is aimed at those who works with the most popular currencies. However, the most innovated versions of the inflation online calculator supply users with information about virtually all contemporary currencies and their fluctuations on the markets.
  • The mortgage payoff online calculator. This determine online calculator permits users to determine their current mortgage payoff schedule and calculate all possible losses and profits in accordance with their individual schemes of payment.
  • The credit card online calculator. As well as the previous modifications of the standard online calculator, this online tool appertains to the group of financial calculators. It allows users to determine the minimal and maximal payments, check their balance and verify all accounting information. Additionally, you can create a scheme that represents your daily/weekly/monthly losses and profits in order to change and improve your current financial situation.
  • The percentage online calculator. This tool belongs to the series of scientific calculators. Obviously, as it follows from its title, it allows visitors to determine the relationships between the different groups of objects. For example, if your do not know how to start a thesis and wish to eschew semantic lengthiness in your speech, you can determine the percent of similar sentences in your text, using the percentage online calculator with an eye to achieve desirable accuracy and pithiness.
  • The time online calculator. This online calculator is created for calculations of time that require the use of various calendars, such as the Julian or Gregorian calendars. Hence, it allows you to convert various dates from one calendar to another without worrying about possible mistakes in your computations.

The history of elementary mathematical tools: from the abax to the modern online calculator

The abacus, which is also called a counting frame, is a simple tool designed to perform basic arithmetic operations, such as multiplication, division, subtraction, addition, exponentiation, etc. It was widely used in different historical periods from the moment of its invention and, obviously, it has undergone an extensive series of changes, both basic and cosmetic. Obviously, at this time this useful tool has more historical significance than practical. However, it is still widely used in simple mathematical operations, which require quickness and accuracy in the computation, in the regions where standard samples of the online calculator are unavailable. Nowadays, various exemplars of abaci are usually designed as a bamboo frame with beads sliding on wires. However, the original design included beans or stones and the wooden or metal table. In fact, the origin of the term ‘abaci’ can be traced back to the Middle English and then to the Latin word abacus, which came from Greek ‘abax’ that means something without a base, and improperly, any piece of rectangular board or plank. The first computational mechanisms were seriously improved during the Renaissance, by the great number of scientists, astronomers and mechanists. The next significant stage in the evolution of these constructions was achieved during the third decade of the XX century when the first electronic calculators were created. During the next five decades, these devices suffered a great series of transformations until the creation of the Internet has focused the attention of the human race on the evolution and improvement of the global infosphere. Therefore, these mathematical algorithms were used in different multi-user networks. In fact, these were the first prototypes of the standard online calculator, which is well known for virtually all inhabitants and guests of the modern Internet. However, even when using an innovative online calculator, which is designed for the special purposes, one has to bear in mind that this powerful and multitask software platform has descended from the simple wooden board with a pile of stones on it.

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