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What Is A Preposition: Why It Is Essential to Understand

W hat is a preposition: Should This Really Be Used?

Students of the English language could perhaps be confused about what is a preposition, but we are certain they will have no difficulty in understanding that a preposition is just a word between two words that are close by and indicates a relationship between the two. Learners of the English language will not find it difficult to understand what is a preposition after they have gone through this essay, which is looking forward to offering them all examples about how and why words like these are used. The word preposition simply indicates it has been positioned before a noun or a pronoun and is giving information about the relationship of the words to another that is close by.

The English language would be incomplete without prepositions simply because they have an important role to play when a sentence is constructed. Purely speaking, it will be difficult to compose a sentence without having prepositions between words. If you purchased a container for butter, you just would not say it is ‘container butter’ would you? You would include the word, ‘for’ between the words container and butter to compose a sentence, which would look as I purchased a container for butter. The word for is showing the relationship between butter and the container and is therefore, the preposition. You will not have any difficulties in understanding prepositions if you make an attempt to understand how words are connected to each other. Students must understand a preposition cannot exist on its own because there should always be an object for the preposition. It is the word that follows the preposition, which is identified as the object. Native speakers of English are not accustomed to making serious grammatical errors with prepositions. However, it is not difficult to come across errors from speakers of the language who may not be fully aware of how prepositions must be positioned.

Given below are some of the most common prepositions that are used. When going through the list, you will get an understanding of how or why these words should be used.

About, across, along, against, above, among, at, behind, before, behind, beneath, below, beyond, beside, by, down, except, during, in, from, for, like, inside, into, near, on, off, of, since, toward, under, through, until, upon, with, up and within.

It is likely that you will be using these words quite often and will get the feeling that you are not composing sentences properly if you do not have these connecting words to complete what you intend to say. We are certain you will understand that you will need to use most of the words mentioned in the list even when you are in a normal conversation. It will be difficult for you to give a proper meaning to what you are trying to say unless you decide to use prepositions to make a clear point. However, you must understand some rules, which you will be required to follow, failing which you will not be grammatically correct. Let us now look at the things you should be avoiding when you are composing sentences.

What is a preposition and when you should or should not use Prepositions

Having provided information about what is a preposition and some examples about them, it is also necessary to give you information that you should not be using a preposition to end a sentence. This is not clearly a rule but there are many people who consider it as one. It is better to avoid annoying your readers by just avoiding the situation. Prepositions should be sitting before a noun or a pronoun and not after. However, in some cases, it becomes necessary for you to use a preposition despite wanting to avoid the situation. In such cases, you should be looking forward to going ahead with the sentence and end it even at the cost of annoying your reader. If you are writing a book report it will be better for you to say I am preparing a book report rather than say a book report I am preparing. However, you can certainly use the option of mentioning the sentence differently if you come across individuals who understand this variety of the language. The meaning of the sentence does not change but it rather makes the sentence look contrived and will not find favor with the reader. There is a need for you to understand you could be forced to use a preposition at times and will find yourselves in a position where you will not be able to avoid it. Unless you come across a condition like this, it would be best for you to make every attempt you can to avoid such positions. Asking how to write a reaction paper will be easier than making a question about how a reaction paper to write. The individual ahead of you will understand the question better and will be able to give you a proper response. It is quite possible that he or she may feel you do not have a good command over the English language. However, you are not going to get a response, which can be considered as improper. It is for this reason that you should constantly be looking forward to using prepositions as suggested.

Clarity Is Always Better Than A Confusion

Sometimes it is better to be clear about a sentence rather than confuse someone with words you really do not want within the sentence. By using phrases naturally, you will be giving an impression that you are prepared to use phrases, which fit better with your image. You must consider these factors when you are trying to understand what is a preposition simply because it will give you an impression that you are fully aware of the words you are using either verbally or even in the written form. It will always be better for you to say I am writing a literary essay rather than state a literary essay I am writing. The example provided will not show you in good light and will give the feeling that you are not aware of what you are trying to do.

As mentioned earlier, a preposition always sits before a noun or a pronoun, but it must also be understood that the object of the preposition will always be in the objective case because the pronouns following the preposition will change accordingly. You will have no difficulties in saying you have delivered the thesis definition to him or her or even take a name to define the noun. However, you will not be able to say you have delivered the thesis definition to it because there is a change to the object of delivery.

If you are still confused about prepositions, let us put it in a simpler way. A preposition is just a word to indicate the relationship between a noun and a pronoun or some other word within the rest of the sentence. They are always in prepositional phrases, and therefore, you can expect multiple phrases to be visible along with a preposition. If you are talking about a business paper we are certain you will make an attempt to say a business paper or the business paper but not leave the word business paper in isolation. This clearly indicates that an, ‘a’ or ‘the’ is required to put the word business paper in a proper prepositional phrase. If not, it would look out of place giving the impression that you are not expressing yourselves properly.

The History of Prepositions

The English language has gone through a number of changes ever since the beginning of English grammar writing was discovered in 1586. It was then known as the old English literature and certainly would have been unlike from the language as it is presently being seen. Different examples are available to show the history and modern situation of prepositions giving information about how vernacular languages of Europe had such grammar that was different from English along with individual scripts. Information is also available to show grammar from the Latin language had a strong influence on the history of English grammar. It was only after a long time that English grammar could break free from the shackles of the Latin language. Therefore, when trying to learn about the history and the modern situation of prepositions one would have to travel back in time as long as the 15th-century in order to get a better understanding of the historical nature of grammar.

When Were Prepositions First Noted?

Information about when prepositions were invented is not clear though some references can be seen being made to the languages of the French and the Dutch and even some Scandinavian languages. However, a definite date about when prepositions were invented for the English language is not available.

Information about where prepositions are used is rather easy to find after looking at the examples provided in this discussion. These days’ students will not have any difficulties in understanding prepositions just because they are used almost everywhere. In fact, it will be easy for students to understand the term because an emphasis has been placed on prepositions and the way they should be used to make the English language sound better. Students of the modern-day do not have to look into the history of prepositions but can concentrate on the circumstances on hand because it will be easier for them to progress faster.

The Importance of Prepositions and The Benefits of Learning About Them

Presently, it is better for students and the average individual to understand how prepositions should be used because the information will give them the knowledge to exhibit a sense of proper understanding of the English language and to present them effectively whenever required. Not making an attempt to understand prepositions will mean that they are likely to make mistakes that would show them in the bad light. On the contrary, if they make an attempt to learn about prepositions, they will have a better command over the English language and will be in a position to display characteristics, which they may have believed they did not have.

Having a proper understanding of the English language is extremely important in present-day conditions, especially when this is the most popularly used language for conversing throughout the world. It will not be difficult for people to come across languages other than English being used in many countries. However, it must be understood that English is just a secondary language even in these countries, and it is quite possible for the language to be used frequently. A person who can converse freely in English will be considered as an individual of high standing while the reverse will be true for one who may not have a good command over the language.

At this point, it would be natural for a number of people from the European continent to raise questions about whether they do not stand any chances of making good in the world. We would like to make it clear that the objective of this discussion is not to deride the population of any country but is only an exercise to make people aware how they will be in a better position to express themselves if they are in total command of the English language. English is by far the most favoured language used by people throughout the world and is one, which has become popular ever since attempts were made to expand the horizons of the vocabulary by their original users. Presently, it almost has the position of the first language in many countries except for those countries that have a regional language or languages, as is the case with countries like India where numerous languages are spoken from one part of the country to another. Most countries have a single geographical language, and English has mostly been adopted as the second language of the country.

Looking at the diversity of English one could get an impression whether subjects like what is a preposition and grammar are even spoken about in countries where the language is not considered as the primary method of conversing. Shortfalls of some kind will definitely be seen in all countries just like they are in the first world. However numerous improvements that have been made by a number of schools and colleges cannot be ignored because they have made it possible even for individuals from backward classes to get a good grasp over the English language and become thoroughly perfect to the point of becoming stars of their own right.

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