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What is the Golgi apparatus

What is the Golgi apparatus?

Biology is the discipline that is being studied by students of middle school, high school and colleges all over the world. Generally speaking, it is the study of life, of all the living things in the world, about people, nature, animals, plants and so on. This is the study of life that extends far beyond the planet we live in, It deals with all the living beings on every planet in the universe, with every object existing in it. While in terms of chemistry everything is made of atoms, in terms of biology, everything is made of cells. There are living beings that consist of only one cell and there are also those that consist of millions and billions of cells. However, the majority of cells existing in the world are characterized by having absolutely similar parts and pieces. Studying of their properties and specificities is what biology deals with. Here, you will learn about the Golgi apparatus, find out information that you have to know as a part of the program of your studies, as well as some interesting facts about the Golgi apparatus so on.

The Golgi apparatus is a kind of organelle that the majority of eukaryotic cells consist of. The Golgi apparatus was discovered in the end of the nineteenth century in Italy by one remarkable physician. The name of the physician, biologist, pathologist and Nobel laureate was Camillo Golgi, and as long as it was he who discovered the Golgi apparatus, the organelle was named after him. The Golgi apparatus was discovered when the biologist was researching and investigating the nervous system. He was observing the Golgi apparatus under the microscope and exploring it. Identifying the Golgi apparatus was not the only achievement of the outstanding scientist, he is widely known for many other significant contributions to the world of science and is considered to be one of the most outstanding neuroscientists and biologist of the nineteenth and twentieth century.

The Golgi apparatus is the part of the endomembrane system of the cells and serves to package such elements as proteins into the vesicles that are located in the membrane on the inside of the cells. Apart from this, the Golgi apparatus plays a great role in the intersection of the secretory and other pathways, where the Golgi apparatus is located all the time. Transporting and processing proteins is a deal of great importance in the living organism, where the Golgi apparatus plays the leading role.

The Golgi apparatus is an organelle of a very large size, it is characterized by a quite distinctive structure. In fact, the Golgi apparatus was one of the first existing organelles that have ever been identified and observed in detail. Although at times of the scientist who discovered the Golgi apparatus there wasn’t any machine powerful enough to show the organelle very detailed, the microscopes were not developed enough. Therefore, with the development of modern technologies the opportunities to explore organelles became more and more convenient, so the discovery of the Golgi apparatus, which was earlier not fully accepted, could be completely confirmed. Despite the fact the Golgi apparatus was discovered in the end of the nineteenth century, the term began to be used only in more than ten years and it appeared in the literature for the first time only in twenty five years after the discovery.

The Golgi apparatus as an organelle

In order to understand better the properties and specificities of the Golgi apparatus, it is necessary to make sure that you have the understanding of what an organelle is. The science that is dedicated to the study of organelle is the cell biology. By an organelle, whether it is the Golgi apparatus or other, one should mean a specialized subunit located in the cell, where it carries out specific functions. As a rule, all the organelles are located separately one from another and are enclosed inside of their own lipid bilayers. The organelle is called this way because it is originated from the idea that they look very similar to what an organ is to a body, they carry out very similar functions and their role in the cells is quite the same that the role of an organ in the body of a human or an animal. You cannot see organelles with a naked eye, as well as it is impossible to see cells without a microscope. There are many different types of organelles, they can allocate in the eukaryotic cells and in other kinds of cells, too. Such kinds of cells as prokaryotes don’t usually have organelles inside of them, although some of them have certain microcompratments that are recognized as primitive organelles.

In terms of biology organs are considered to be specific functional units that every living organism needs to have. There is a straight analogy between the organs of the human or animal body and different substructures that cells have and that can be seen only under the microscope. For this reason, a lot of scientists provide the comparison of these two parts of a living organism when writing researches.

All the organelles are divided into two classes, according to their specificities, particularly to the fact whether they contain their DNA and also, whether they originated from a specific kind of bacteria, such as endosymbiotic bacteria. Therefore, you should be aware of the two major types of organelles:

Mitochondria organelles, which are peculiar to almost all existing eukaryote cells. They have two membranes and can be of different size and have different structure. Apart from it, they are not visible, as a rule, unless specifically stained. These organelles are usually considered to be the power of cells, due to the fact that they generate the major part of adenosine triphosphate to the cells, which is the essential source of the chemical energy.

Plastids organelles. These organelles also have two membranes. They can be found in the cells of plants and algae. Plastids play considerable role in producing a variety of chemical compounds, which are of a great importance for activity of the cells. As a rule, plastids contain specific pigments, which may change their color and by this, determine the color of the cell.

Basic fact about the Golgi apparatus

Having said all the previous information, it would be useful to identify the most specific facts about the Golgi apparatus that a student should know in order to be able to answer the common questions about the Golgi apparatus. Take a look about the following six facts and try to remember them:

  • The substances that are received by the Golgi apparatus are originated from the endoplasmic reticulum, that serves to manufacture substances in the cells of an organism. It can be described as a sheet of flattened membrane.
  • The Golgi apparatus is originated from a stack of membrane sacs, that is a double layer of lipid surrounded with such elements as proteins around and in it.
  • The Golgi apparatus serves to produce and manufacture vehicles that have a special function of carrying secretions to the cell and its surface.
  • Before the substances are secreted, there is always a possibility of modification of particular elements.
  • If a cell of an animal contains too many organelles, this cell is considered to be able to secret mucus.
  • The Golgi bodies serve to export the cell wall of the cells of plants to the external side of the membrane.

How to study biology

Biology is a natural science. It deals with lots of issues concerning all kinds of living organisms, it researches and explores their properties, structure, functions, all stages of their evolution and so on. Biology in contemporary world of science is divided into numerous fields and subdisciplines, which have many common characteristics but which are dedicated to different biology issues. Among the basic concepts that are peculiar to all branches and subdisciplines of biology, the most common are the study of cells, genes, evolution, etc.

The term «biology» has originated from the Greek language and means «the study of life». Since the beginning of existence of biology as a separate science, it went through a number of stages of evolution and development. In terms of this, biology has always stated that all forms of life tend to change and develop through evolution.

Biology is the science about all kinds and forms of life everywhere, including the Earth and outer space. It is important to know the basics of biology in order to understand your own body, how it works, what functions different organs carry out and so on. In addition, biology studies the phenomenon of energy, its importance and necessity for the organism of a human being. Even though biology seems to be very hard to many students, others find it really boring, the reason of such attitude to this discipline is that they didn’t evaluate the beauty and significance of biology. Therefore, in order to help you deal with biology and even enjoy while studying it, we provided the following tips and guidelines:

  • First of all, rethink your attitude towards biology and change it. This may seem hard at first sight, and even senseless, but the truth is, without having a desire to change your mind and start loving biology, you will not be able to move on. So, think about your body as a perfect mechanism, think how it can work, move, etc. Don’t you find it a natural phenomena?
  • If the previous tip didn’t work and you still don’t think that a human body is a natural phenomena, think about how life begins. Isn’t it a miracle how two people can make another human being together? This is one of the matters that biology deals with. If you realize the importance of this issue, and get interested in it, you will see how easy it will be to study biology.
  • Sometimes the interest comes in the process of studying. Once you get yourself involved into the process of studying, you will get more and more interested in it. Try to apply all the knowledge that you get to the real life, find the evidences and examples of what you learn in the real life.
  • Learn to answer biology papers appropriately. As a matter of fact, biology papers require enlightening certain keywords and describing processes. It doesn’t have to be a composition or a short story. Quite the opposite, your paper has to be rather brief, narrow and written in a very understandable manner.
  • When learning different biological processes, you can help yourself by answering some questions, like the following: what is the importance and significance of that or another process to human body? Under what conditions can theses processes be activated? At the end of the day, how does the whole process work?
  • There are a lot of words, phrases and terms in biology that are difficult to spell. The majority of them comes from Latin language. Once you face a difficult word or phrase, the only thing you need is to look for its definition. Even though they may seem hard to understand at first, the meaning of biology terms is not usually as scary as they themselves.
  • If it is hard for you to remember certain topics of biology, a good way to solve this problem would be to make flash cards.
  • Remember using different additional educational sources, like web-sites dedicated to the study of biology, etc.

All the above-provided information is meant to help you deal with studying biology and biology writing assignments.

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