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Your What Is a Participle Assignment

What Is a Participle ?

For students, you have to complete academic assignments on different topics because it’s a part of your learning process. Before you start doing your homework, it’s advisable to read assignments, their guidelines, requirements, and questions that should be answered. What is a participle ? This question is quite common for students who study linguistics, and if you’re one of them, you need to know how to give a detailed answer. It’s necessary to find out more about its precise definition, existing forms, intricacies, rules, etc. You can achieve your academic success only when you have a deep knowledge of this subject. If there are certain problems that prevent you from completing academic assignments by yourself, you shouldn’t feel frustrated because you can find skilled and qualified freelance authors online. They will help you do your homework or get higher grades, and the best part is that their services are quite affordable.

To answer this question correctly, you need to understand that it’s a form of verb used in sentences to modify other verbs, noun phrases, nouns, etc. Besides, participles may play the role similar to adverbs and adjectives, so they belong to nonfinite verb forms. What about the origins of this name? Keep in mind that it comes from «participium» in Latin and «methoche» in Greek, which means sharing or partaking. A participle is called this way because they share some categories of adjectives and verbs.

Another important characteristic is that participles correspond to the active voice (they called active) if modified nouns represent the agents of action denoted by verbs. They can also correspond to the passive voice (passive participles) if modified nouns represent the patients of this action. As a student, you also need to understand that participles can be associated with specific verbal tenses or aspects. What is a participle ? For example, when it comes to English, there are two common types, and they are traditionally called a present participle (such forms as raising, signing, and writing; they can also serve as verbal nouns and gerunds) and a past participle (such forms as sung, raised, and written; regular participles and some irregular ones have the same form as a finite past).

Besides, participles can be used in a periphrastic formation of compound verb aspects, tenses, and voices in some languages. If you study English, you should know that one of the widespread uses of present participles is to express a continuous aspect (like Bill is working), while a past participle is often used to express the passive voice or a perfect aspect (as John was killed). It’s advisable to remember that when writing any 500 word essayto avoid making grammar mistakes.

When dealing with the verb phrases based on participles that have their functions, remember that they are called participial or participle phrases. For instance, «beaten by the father» and «looking hard at the sign» are obvious participial phrases based on past and present participles. These phrases usually don’t require any expressed grammatical subject, and that’s why they constitute complete clauses (a form of nonfinite clauses) so that they can be called participial clauses.

Basic Information about Participles in English

What is a participle ? Before talking about its meaning and dangling it, you should look for the right definition. There are some students who think that this question is quite tough because participles serve a few different purposes. You need not only to know them, but it’s also important to learn what makes them similar to adjectives. Take into account that one of the significant roles of participles is that they can tell you more about the nouns that follow.

They can be either in the past or present tense, but the latter one must be ended with «ing». For instance, walk is a verb, but walking is a present participle. He will walk down the street (to use the verb), but follow that walking man (to use it as an adjective-like participle), and this means that it can tell you what this man is doing. Another clear example is hike as a verb and hiking as a present participle, but it may have another role because it helps form progressive and perfect verb tenses.

Dangling Participle and Participial Phrases

What is a participle ? Once you learn the answer to this basic question, you should get a better understanding of participial phrases. This knowledge is necessary to find out how to dangle participles. What are participial phrases? They contain a participle and also modify the subjects of sentences. Another important aspect is that these phrases include words in addition to participles, such as pronouns, nouns, prepositions, and so on. You should understand that the way they modify subjects isn’t always as straightforward as a single adjective that modified a single noun, but all participial phrases still modify nouns-subjects.

Look for appropriate examples to make it clear for you. For example, «While floating in a pool, I thought about you» is a perfect participial phrase that serves to modify the subject and a participle in this phrase. Make sure that it sticks close to a modifier to avoid missing it, but keep in mind that participial phrases are not always in the beginning of the sentence.

What about dangling participles? Now, you’re ready to learn more about that because when you dangle them, this means that a participial phrase is hanging in a sentence without any subject. When writing your cover letter or completing any other academic assignment, take a look at this example: «Hiking a trail, birds chirped quite loudly». As you can see, birds are the only subject in this sentence, but they follow a participial phrase directly, which means that «hiking» is not about them. To sum up everything, dangling participles serve to modify wrong nouns and they are used when you’re taking for granted that other people know what you really mean, but some professors think that it’s not the best academic writing strategy. The good news is that it’s possible to fix these dangling modifiers by putting the right subject in sentences (right after a particular participial phrase).

The Basic Types of Participles

What is a participle ? If you already know the answer to this question, it’s the right time to learn more about its existing types because this knowledge is needed when completing different English assignments.

What are present participles? They always end with «ing» and can be used with auxiliary verbs to form the continuous tense. It’s worth mentioning that all English words that have this ending are present participles (for instance, «you’re learning English» where learning belongs to a continuous verb phrase). Besides, they can be used as adjectives («You’re a working man» where working serves as an adjective). Remember that present participles can be used as the nouns that denote the actions of gerunds or verbs. They are also used as adjectives or verbs while gerunds are used as nouns.

What are past participles? Basically, they serve to indicate a completed action, past, or time, and they often have the «ed» ending. They also can be formed in many other ways when it comes to irregular verbs. It’s possible to use them to form the verb phrases that belong to the present perfect tense, and you should remember that handling your essay proofreading. I’ve learned English (learned is a part of the verb phrase). Past participles can be used to form the passive voice too (My hair was well-brushed) and as adjectives (I had a broken arm).

What are perfect participles all about? They serve to indicate some completed action, and you can form them by putting present participles in front of past participles (having done, having spoken, having read, etc). Don’t forget that they are also used when forming the passive voice.

What Else You Should Know

What is a participle ? There are a few other aspects that should be taken into consideration even after learning the above-mentioned facts. As you already know, it’s a verbal form often used as adjectives that come with such ends as –ed or –ing. By calling participles verbal, it’s possible to indicate that they are based on verbs and express a state of being or an action. However, you shouldn’t forget that they function as adjectives so that they must modify pronouns and nouns in sentences. Participles can have three forms: present, past, and perfect.

When it comes to participial phrases, they are specific groups of words that consist of a modifier, a participle, and a noun or a noun phrase that functions as either direct or indirect objects. For example, removing a coat, John rushed to the river (removing is a participle). To prevent any confusion, participial phrases should be placed as close to the nouns they modify as possible (make sure that nouns are clearly stated in any sentence you write). What is a participle ? Your answer to this question won’t be complete if you don’t learn important punctuation rules.

When participial phrases start sentences, it’s necessary to place a comma right after them (Arriving at the shop, I realized that it was closed). When they come in the middle of sentences, you need to set these phrases off with commas only if the information explained in them is not important to the main meaning (John, watching an old film, drifted in and out of his sleep). If participial phrases are significant to the meaning of your sentence, it’s not allowed to put any coma according to English grammar (The man wearing a weird costume is my brother). If they come at the end of sentences, a comma must precede these phrases if they modify the earlier word, but not if they directly follow it (John nervously watched the lady, alarmed by her silence).

What is a participle ? There are certain points that should be remembered when giving your detailed answer in academic assignments.

  • Participles have verbal endings and function as adjectives because they modify pronouns and nouns.
  • Participial phrases must consist of participles and objects, modifiers, and complements.
  • They must be placed as close to the pronouns or nouns (ensure that you state them quite clearly) that they modify as possible.
  • Such phrases must be set off with commas when they are placed at the beginning of a sentence, interrupt it as not important elements, or come at its end and are separated from the word that they modify.

Make sure that you take these points into account, regardless of whether you’re learning how to start a thesis or completing other academic tasks to get higher grades.

Helpful and Simple English Homework Tips

Focus on your practice and self-study if you find it hard to do your English homework, as this is what will help you learn how to use participles correctly and master other important skills. Keep a record of all new words and their meanings in addition to reading many supplemental materials. If you do that on a regular basis, you can be sure that your effort will be rewards soon. There are many helpful tools that can be used when completing your English assignments, including a thesis generator. Think about a new hobby, such as watching documentaries and news to learn how to pronounce all words correctly. If you’re asked to complete a difficult or problematic assignment, you need to do your comprehensive research because there is no better way to do it. Finally, don’t hesitate to talk to your teachers to get more information and hints that will help you achieve your academic success faster.

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