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Central MARKETING 376 -Department of Business and Management

Faculty of Business and LawDepartment of Business and ManagementACADEMIC YEAR 2016/17ASSESSMENT BRIEFModule Code:Module Title:Submission Deadline:Assessment ComponentAssessment Weighting: UMKD6S-15-3Interactive & Digital Marketing3 January 2017B50 per cent of total module mark Assessment InstructionsBackground information:City Hall, the home of Bristol City Council (BCC), reopened in May 2016 following a majorrefurbishment. The first floor is now available for the public to hire.There are 17 bookable rooms across the first floor including the council chamber,conference hall and several meeting and conference rooms of different sizes, both modernand heritage. There are several large function rooms suitable for weddings, funerals,christenings etc.A webpage promoting the venue space is now live at www.bristol.gov.uk/web/city-hall/homeFollowing budget cuts from central government, BCC needs to make substantial savings by2017/18. Generating income will be an integral part of this exercise. City Hall is an assetwhich has potential to bring in significant income. With several historic rooms, including theConference Hall, Council Chamber and Lord Mayor’s Reception Room, licensed forweddings and civil partnerships, the hope is that the council can benefit from the flourishingwedding market.Benefits of City Hall: Central location with good bus linksBeautiful, impressive building providing great views of the city and an ideal backdropfor photosAlready licensed for weddings and civil partnershipsA variety of room sizes from the grand council chamber to smaller function roomsNewly refurbishedAll the rooms have modern features but many retain original heritage featuresThere are no supplier contracts in place so the booking party can use their owncaterers or the preferred suppliers list, completely at the booking party’s discretion Potential key messages: Just engaged? Come and take a look at our two function roomsWant a grand venue but not a church wedding? City Hall is the perfect venueThe beautiful, historic City Hall, with its high ceilings, impressive space and views, isthe perfect venue for your winter weddingCity Hall, and the beautiful College Green, is the perfect space for your summerwedding1 Your marketing brief:Propose a six-month digital marketing campaign to promote City Hall as a wedding venue tocouples who are hoping to book their wedding between January – June 2017 (i.e. notnecessarily getting married in that period, but making the venue booking then). Forexample, this might include couples who get engaged during the Christmas 2016 period andare planning a wedding or civil partnership for the summer or following winter.There is a specific wedding page link here: https://www.bristol.gov.uk/web/city-hall/weddingsPricing will not be advertised, but will be discussed with potential customers who contactBCC.BCC would like a proposal outlining the digital marketing activity that you would recommendduring a six-month period. This digital marketing activity must attract potential customers tothe BCC wedding page https://www.bristol.gov.uk/web/city-hall/weddings.Your proposal should include ways of reaching and engaging potential customers, plus anexplanation of the data this would provide. You should also make suggestions for the use ofvisual content (images, video or words) on the BCC wedding page.Your proposal is expected to cover the following elements:1. Digital marketing objectives2. Target audience3. Creative content4. Audience acquisition5. Measurement and use of dataSpecific considerations within these elements: In a competitive market, what objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs)should BCC set to ensure that City Hall competes with other popular venues? Why? Can you identify and justify a specific target audience? How can BCC use content (images, video or words) to attract customers who mightotherwise be tempted by a competitor’s venue? How can you help BCC to reach potential customers when they are researchingwedding information online? Could BCC use Google, social media or any other third-party channels? If so, how? How will BCC know whether its digital marketing activity has been successful?There is no need to provide details of your budget at this stage.Your proposal will need to be formatted as a formal business document created in MicrosoftWord, submitted by 3 January 2017. It is recommended that you entitle this document ‘Sixmonth digital marketing proposal’.Important noteYou are not expected to undertake any primary research or visit City Hall. You may wish toresearch the market and marketing activity undertaken in similar situations, however youshould not contact any external organisations or people.Further instructionsYou are expected to use academic concepts and theories from the course, and your ownreading, to underpin your work and support the judgements you are making. You shouldreference any background information or data that you research, plus any academicconcepts and theories used in your proposal.2 This is an individual assignment. You are not expected to work on this in pairs or groups(please see note regarding collusion and plagiarism below). Assessment CriteriaThis assessment particularly focuses on your ability to: Consider the market and then identify appropriate objectives Identify a target audience which your plan of activity specifically aims to engage Choose and use appropriate digital media in a way that will appeal to the targetaudience Consider the way your target audience will discover your content Explain the data your activity will generate and how this will be used Present your proposal in a well-written document following an appropriate structureFull marking guidelines and criteria are provided in Appendices A and B. Learning OutcomesThe coursework assessment is designed to enable you to partially demonstrate the learningoutcomes required for the successful completion of the module, as detailed in the modulespecification:1. Demonstrate understanding of interactive and digital marketing within a marketingmanagement context, paying due regard to changes in the traditional marketing paradigmand the advent of new enabling techniques.2. Apply interactive and digital marketing knowledge to the development of persuasive directand digital marketing plans, including effective use of social media.3. Analyse complex interactive and digital marketing scenarios, identify and evaluatealternative strategies, offer imaginative solutions through the use of various interactive anddigital marketing tools and frameworks.4. Make selective and critical use of academic material in addressing interactive and digitalmarketing problems.5. Demonstrate an ability to communicate effectively in written form. FormatAs above, this is a formal business document, not an academic essay. All work should beword processed in 12 point font Times New Roman or Arial and using 1.5 line spacing.It must also be submitted as a Microsoft Word document.Please ensure that you provide the following details on the first page of your coursework: Student Number Module Name and Number Word CountPlease use headings and subheadings to provide clear structure. As a reminder, yourproposal is expected to cover the following elements:1. Digital marketing objectives2. Target audience3. Creative content4. Audience acquisition5. Measurement and use of dataYou should also use diagrams, charts or images where they help support your proposals.Please check your work for accurate spelling and grammar before submitting.3 Word LimitThe word limit for this coursework is 2,000 words. Nothing beyond 2,000 words will be taken into account in the allocation of marks.There is no direct penalty for exceeding the word count but the marker WILL STOPreading once the word limit has been reached. The word count includes everything in the main body of the text (including headings,tables, citations, quotes, lists, etc.).The references, bibliography and any footnotes are NOT included in the word count.You can view the UWE word count policy here: http://www1.uwe.ac.uk/aboutus/policiesYou are not expected to include appendices. Appendices should not be used as a means toinclude new data. Any appendices beyond the 2,000 word limit will not be marked (seeabove – the marker will stop reading at 2,000 words). Referencing:You need to reference the academic concepts and theories that influence your proposal.You should also reference any background information or data that you research. Pleaseensure you adhere to the principles of good academic practice and ensure you use the UWEHarvard system to reference your work. Failure to properly reference your work to originalsource material can be grounds for the assessment offence of plagiarism and may result infailure of the assessment or have more serious implications.For further guidance on correct referencing go to:http://www1.uwe.ac.uk/students/studysupport/studyskills/referencing.aspxDetails of what constitutes plagiarism and how to avoid it can be found here:http://www1.uwe.ac.uk/students/studysupport/studyskills/readingandwriting/plagiarism.aspxFor general guidance on how to avoid assessment offences see:http://www1.uwe.ac.uk/students/academicadvice/assessments/assessmentoffences.aspx Instructions for submissionYou must submit your assignment before the stated deadline by electronic submissionthrough Blackboard. Notification that the electronic submission portal is open for yourassignment is displayed (usually two weeks before the submission date) in the Courseworktab in myUWE, the Coursework tab in Blackboard and via an announcement in theBlackboard course.Please ensure you allow sufficient time to upload your script, noting that the systembecomes busier and slower as the deadline approaches. Only your final upload will becounted. Ensure all your information is submitted at one attempt to avoid ‘overwriting’ yourintended submission. Always check and retain your receipts.Late submission in the 24 hours following the deadline will be accepted but the assignmentmark will be capped at 40%. Submissions after 24 hours will not be accepted. For fullguidance on online submission through Blackboard, see:http://info.uwe.ac.uk/online/Blackboard/students/guides/assignments/default.aspSubmissions of coursework by any other method (including a paper copy, on disc, by emailor by fax) are NOT permissible for this module unless specifically agreed in advance of thesubmission date. 4 Before submitting your work, please ensure the following: That you have proof read you work thoroughly to ensure your work is presentedappropriately That you have addressed all the required elements of the assessment That you have referenced in accordance with the guidance provided That you have addressed each of the marking criterion That the submission is in the correct format FeedbackStudents will normally receive marks and feedback on their submission within 20 workingdays of the submission deadline (not including any public holidays or university closuredays). Any delay in returning students’ work will be communicated by the module leader viaBlackboard.Please note feedback can take many forms and can be summative (provided for workcompleted) or formative (provided for on-going work or activities). Feedback on this moduleis not limited to the written comments you will receive on individual written assessmentsubmissions. For example, you will receive formative feedback on your ideas in the tutorialsduring weeks 11 and 12. Further GuidanceGuidance on study skills: http://www1.uwe.ac.uk/students/studysupport/studyskills.aspxSupport from the FBL Academic Success Centre (2B076):http://www1.uwe.ac.uk/bl/bbs/aboutus/studentexperience/academicsupportcentre.aspxGuidance on UWE assessment regulations and terminology:http://www1.uwe.ac.uk/students/academicadvice/assessments/assessmentsguide.aspxGuidance on using the library: http://www1.uwe.ac.uk/library/usingthelibrary.aspx Extenuating CircumstancesIf you are experiencing difficulties in completing a piece of assessment on time due tounexpected circumstances (for example illness, accident, bereavement), you should seekadvice from a Student Support Adviser at the earliest opportunity. Please note the moduleleader cannot grant extenuating circumstances or extensions.Appointments with a student adviser can be made via an Information Point or online at:http://www1.uwe.ac.uk/students/academicadvice/studentadvisers.aspxThe Student Support Adviser will advise as to whether you should submit an application for‘Extenuating Circumstances (ECs)’, how to do so and what evidence is required to supportthe application.Further details on ECs can be found here:http://www1.uwe.ac.uk/students/academicadvice/assessments/extenuatingcircumstances.aspx A final word on assessment offences…Plagiarism and collusionWe expect you to reference the academic literature that has informed your decisionmaking. If you are using background or market information, diagrams, models, tables,quotations or ANY other material from a published or unpublished source, you must alsogive details of that source. Use UWE Harvard system, and if in doubt ask a tutor for5 clarification. To fail to credit your sources is plagiarism, which is an assessment offenceaccording to the regulations of the University.Another commonly reported assessment offence is collusion: although you can discuss,review or advise on each other’s work, to present the same or similar piece of individualwork between two or more of you is collusion.To avoid either of these offences: NEVER CUT AND PASTE FROM A RESOURCE INTO YOUR OWN WORK – even ifyou later change the words, students often get caught out Never allow other students to use your work. Never copy from other students’ assignments. Never copy from previous years’ assignments. Never copy from assignments at other universities or from other modules. Never use internet essay mills or ‘cheat sites’. Never copy from books, articles or newspapers without full attribution. Never copy material from the internet, or from any other source whatsoever.For more details visit the library website at:http://iskillzone.uwe.ac.uk/RenderPages/RenderRoom.aspx?Context=10&Area=8&Room=24 6 Appendix A – Marking guidelines by grading level1st (70%+)The assignment will be clearly distinctive and characterised by ALL of the following: All tasks are comprehensively and clearly addressed Very high levels of analysis, synthesis and application throughout the assignment Excellent argumentation with strong rationale for very creative ideas Very well integrated recommendations with strong links between sections Consistently outstanding presentation quality – authoritative, compelling andpersuasive; accurate acknowledgement of all relevant sources2:1 (60-69%)Well above average and generally characterised by much of the following: Tasks are comprehensively and clearly addressed Strong evidence of analysis, synthesis, application and creativity Very strong arguments with persuasive rationale leading to good creative ideas Well integrated campaign recommendations with strong links between sections Excellent presentation quality – confident, consistent and persuasive; accurateacknowledgement of all relevant sources2:2 (50-59%)Generally around average with no areas outstanding, characterised by much of thefollowing: Clearly addresses the tasks but coverage may be varied Points made are likely to be more descriptive than analytical. Points are accurateand well-informed but substantiation of arguments may not be applied consistently Arguments reveal reasonable evidence of knowledge, understanding, analysis,application and creativity Reasonable linking between sections to enable building of relevant recommendations Quality of presentation fairly good although some inconsistencies; accurateacknowledgement of all sourcesPass (40-49%)These submissions are generally of an acceptable level, characterised by much of thefollowing: Adequately addresses the tasks set out in the brief although coverage is likely toshow a lack of attention to several of the tasks and some omissions Points made will be generally accurate but are likely to be more descriptive thananalytical, may contain errors and are likely to be weak in terms of justification Arguments are reasonably organised but unlikely to demonstrate real insight, depth,imagination or creativity Some inconsistency in linking between sections and integrating recommendations Reasonably coherent presentation although lapses in structure, grammar, spellingFail (less than 40%)The following characteristics generally constitute a fail: Inability to address all the tasks set out in the brief in sufficient depth Points made are largely unjustified, unsubstantiated and superficial Arguments are descriptive, unclear, illogical or inconsistent and will containinaccuracies and limited creativity demonstrated Very little attempt to link sections and recommendations lack coherence Disorganised presentation – poor structure, grammar, spelling – lacking inpersuasiveness7 Appendix B – Marking criteria CREATIVE CONTENT VISIBILITY Whatmarkerswill lookfor Digital marketingobjectivesConsideration of themarket, withidentification ofappropriate objectives Target audienceClear identificationof a target audiencewhich your plan ofactivity specificallyaims to engage Creative contentChoose and use appropriatedigital media in a way that willappeal to the target audience AudienceacquisitionConsideration of theway your targetaudience willdiscover yourcontent MeasurementAn explanation ofthe data youractivity willgenerate and howthis will be used PresentationA neatly presented andwell-written documentfollowing anappropriate structure WeightingRelevantstudy unitsHow thisrelates tothe modulelearningoutcomes 10% 10%2 30%3 30%6 10%9 10% 91. Demonstrateunderstanding ofinteractive and digitalmarketing within amarketing managementcontext.3. Analyse complexinteractive and digitalmarketing scenarios. 2. Apply interactive anddigital marketingknowledge to thedevelopment ofpersuasive direct anddigital marketing plans.3. Analyse complexinteractive and digitalmarketing scenarios. 2. Apply interactive and digitalmarketing knowledge to thedevelopment of persuasive directand digital marketing plans.3. Identify and evaluate alternativestrategies and offer imaginativesolutions through the use of variousinteractive and digital marketingtools and frameworks.4. Make selective and critical use ofacademic material in addressinginteractive and digital marketingproblems. 2. Apply interactive and digital marketing knowledgeto the development of persuasive direct and digitalmarketing plans, including effective use of socialmedia.3. Use of various interactive and digital marketingtools and frameworks. 2. Apply interactive anddigital marketing knowledgeto the development ofpersuasive direct and digitalmarketing plans.5. Demonstrate ability tocommunicate effectively inwritten form. Expectedfeatures of afirst (70%+) Thorough analysis, withSMART objectives. Provides thoroughevidence to identify a welldefined group of people tocommunicate with. Comprehensive understanding of thepsychological impact that the activitywill have. Very clear explanation ofthe content that will be used. Veryclear consideration of how this contentwill be created or manipulated. A very well thought-outprocess for optimisingvisibility, including the useof search engines and/oradvertising and/or socialmedia. Excellent understandingof the type of data to begenerated, plus ways ofcapturing this. Thoroughconsideration for howthis data will be used. Very clear to follow, withexcellent visual appeal. Anattractive cover page,complete contents page, pagenumbers, clear and logicalflow, excellent spelling andgrammar and inclusion of allrequired elements. 7-10 marks 7-10 marks 21-30 marks 21-30 marks 7-10 marks 7-10 marks 4 8 7 8 Expectedfeatures ofan uppersecond(60%+ Expectedfeatures of alowersecond(50%+) Expectedfeatures of apass (40%+) Expectedfeatures of afail (below40%) Good analysis, with SMARTobjectives. Provides well-chosenevidence to identify agroup of people tocommunicate with. Good understanding of thepsychological impact that the activitywill have. Good explanation of thecontent that will be used. Goodconsideration of how this content willbe created or manipulated. A clear process foroptimising visibility,including the use of searchengines and/or advertisingand/or social media. Good understanding ofthe type of data to begenerated, plus ways ofcapturing this. Sensibleconsideration for howthis data will be used. Clear to follow with strongvisual appeal. A cover page,complete contents page, pagenumbers, reasonable flow,generally accurate spellingand grammar and inclusion ofall required elements. 6 marksSome analysis, withmeasurable objectives. 6 marksSome evidence of a groupof people to communicatewith. 18-20 marksSound understanding of thepsychological impact that the activitywill have. Some explanation of thecontent that will be used. Someconsideration of how this content willbe created or manipulated. 18-20 marksSome description of aprocess for optimisingvisibility, including the useof search engines and/oradvertising and/or socialmedia. 6 marksSome understanding ofthe type of data to begenerated, plus ways ofcapturing this. Someconsideration for howthis data will be used. 6 marksGenerally clear to follow withsome visual appeal. A coverpage, contents page, pagenumbers, some structure,reasonable spelling andgrammar and inclusion of mostof the required elements. 5 marksBrief information on themarket, with generalobjectives. 5 marksSome description of agroup of people tocommunicate with. 15-17 marksBrief understanding of thepsychological impact that the activitywill have. Limited explanation of thecontent that will be used. Limitedconsideration of how this content willbe created or manipulated. 15-17 marksLittle evidence of aprocess for optimisingvisibility, but some mentionof search engines and/oradvertising and/or socialmedia. 5 marksBasic mention of the typeof data to be generatedor ways of capturing this.Little consideration forhow this data will beused. 5 marksClear in places but little visualappeal. A title, indication ofcontents, some form ofnumbering/labelling, somestructure, significant spellingand grammar errors and lackssome of the importantelements. 4 marksLimited or no analysis, withfew or no objectives andlimited evidence of strategy 4 marksLacks evidence that thisplan has identified apeople to communicatewith. 12-14 marksLacks understanding of thepsychological impact that the activitywill have. Lacks explanation of thecontent that will be used. Lacksconsideration of how this content willbe created or manipulated. 12-14 marksLacks evidence of aprocess for optimisingvisibility, or the use ofsearch engines oradvertising and/or socialmedia. 4 marksLacks understanding ofthe type of data to begenerated or ways ofcapturing this. Lacksconsideration for howthis data will be used. 4 marksUnclear and visuallyunappealing. Lacks a title,lacks indication of contents,lacks some form ofnumbering/labelling, lacksstructure, contains significantspelling and grammar errorsand lacks several requiredelements. 0-3 marks 0-3 marks 0-11 marks 0-11 marks 0-3 marks 0-3 marks 9

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