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GLG 101 Multiple Choice

1 of 30Which of the following paleoclimatic evidence supports the idea of the late Paleozoic super continent in the Southern Hemisphere?.364px;=”” collapse;=”” 12px=””>glacial deposits in South Africa and South Americawindblown loess deposits in the deserts of Argentina, Australia and Indiabasalts in Brazil and Africadeep water sediments in South Africa and South AmericaQuestion2 of 30The late Paleozoic super continent that began to break up about 180 million years ago is called _____..364px;=”” collapse;=”” 12px=””>PanatopiaWegnerlandPangaeaPongoliaQuestion3 of 30A _______ results from mantle plumes created by a long-lived magma source located deep in the mantle..364px;=”” collapse;=”” 12px=””>hot spotmelt wellbasalt plumemagmatic tubeQuestion4 of 30Which of the following is thought to drive the motions of the Earth’s crustal plates?.364px;=”” collapse;=”” 12px=””>magnetic field fluctuations within the coreconvection cells within the mantlegravitational forces of the Sun and Moongravitational sliding of areas elevated by upwelling of magma plumesQuestion5 of 30The continental drift hypothesis was initially rejected primarily because Alfred Wegener could not _____..364px;=”” collapse;=”” 12px=””>find geologic similarities on different continentsdisprove competing theories that were more accepted by scientistsidentify a mechanism capable of moving continentsAll of the aboveQuestion6 of 30Which of the following statements is true about apparent polar wandering?.364px;=”” collapse;=”” 12px=””>The Earth’s poles change their orientations such that the poles do wander around the Earth.Due to differential gravitational pull of the Sun and Moon, the planet has changed the direction in which it is spinning.The continents have changed position relative to the poles.None of the aboveQuestion7 of 30Which of the following is not evidence that the seafloors are spreading?.364px;=”” collapse;=”” 12px=””>Stripes of normal and reversed polarized rocks parallel to the rifts.Old oceanic sediments at the outer edges of the ocean basins, young sediments at the rifts.No seafloor sediments are older than 180 million years.Thick ocean sediments at the rifts, thinning away from the rifts.Question8 of 30Transform fault boundaries are _____..364px;=”” collapse;=”” 12px=””>boundaries where plates are sliding horizontally past one anothersites of voluminous basaltic lava flowscharacterized by stratovolcanoessets of parallel fractures formed by convergence of the crustal rocksQuestion9 of 30On average, lithospheric plates are _____ thick..364px;=”” collapse;=”” 12px=””>1 kilometer10 kilometers50 kilometers100 kilometersQuestion10 of 30The Hawaiian Islands are _____..364px;=”” collapse;=”” 12px=””>each about the same ageoldest in the east and progressively younger to the westyoungest in the east and progressively older to the westformed over multiple hot spots and therefore are unrelated in ageQuestion11 of 30Geologically, ________ are actually submerged parts of the continents..364px;=”” collapse;=”” 12px=””>continental shelvesabyssal plainsoceanic trenchescoastal seamountsQuestion12 of 30The source of sediments making up the continental rise is/are _____..364px;=”” collapse;=”” 12px=””>the constant rain of dead diatoms and other microscope planktonic creaturesvolcanic ash from the mid-ocean volcanoescontinental silts and clays that are kept in suspension by ocean currentsturbidity currents depositing deep-sea fansQuestion13 of 30″Black smokers” are associated with _____..364px;=”” collapse;=”” 12px=””>oceanic ridgesmetal-rich sulfide depositshot waterAll of the aboveQuestion14 of 30___________ are not associated with a mid-ocean ridge..364px;=”” collapse;=”” 12px=””>Very thin, ocean floor, sediment layersSubmarine basaltic lava eruptionsDeep ocean trenchesShallower depths than abyssal plainsQuestion15 of 30Spreading rates of 1 to 5 _____per year are common along the Mid-Atlantic and the Mid-Indian ridges..364px;=”” collapse;=”” 12px=””>meterskilometerscentimetersmillimetersQuestion16 of 30All of the following are layers that comprise oceanic crust except _____..364px;=”” collapse;=”” 12px=””>turbiditespillow basaltssheeted dike complexesgabbroQuestion17 of 30Magma at the mid-ocean ridge is the result of _____..364px;=”” collapse;=”” 12px=””>extraordinarily high temperatures found therepartial melting of the mantle as a result of decompression due to cracking at the ridgeincreased pressure resulting from convergence of the lithospheric platesthe injection of seawater into subterranean fracturesQuestion18 of 30Which of the following is not forming at a divergent boundary?.364px;=”” collapse;=”” 12px=””>JapanRed SeaAtlantic OceanIcelandQuestion19 of 30Oceanic ridges are elevated primarily because _____..364px;=”” collapse;=”” 12px=””>new oceanic crust is hot and less dense than cooler adjacent rocksthe oceanic crust is thickest at the ridgesthe mantle is bulging along the ridges due to the release of pressurelarge volcanoes form along the ridgesQuestion20 of 30A chaotic accumulation of ocean floor sediment and chunks of oceanic crust that forms at convergent boundaries is called a/an _____..364px;=”” collapse;=”” 12px=””>trenchiteisland arcoceanic plateauaccretionary wedgeQuestion21 of 30Which of the following is not a characteristic of a continental-continental convergent boundary?.364px;=”” collapse;=”” 12px=””>earthquakesdeep ocean trenchfolded mountainsthrust faultsQuestion22 of 30In an ocean-continent convergent boundary _____..364px;=”” collapse;=”” 12px=””>a volcanic island arc forms directly over the trenchthe lightest plate will subductthere is an absence of shallow focus earthquakesvolcanic mountains form 100-3– kilometers from the trenchQuestion23 of 30Mount St. Helens is a part of a _____..364px;=”” collapse;=”” 12px=””>continental volcanic arccontinental rifting centerchain of hot spot volcanoesbasaltic shield volcanoQuestion24 of 30Which of the following were not formed by continental-continental convergence?.364px;=”” collapse;=”” 12px=””>Appalachian MountainsHimalaya MountainsRocky MountainsUral MountainsQuestion25 of 30The processes that produce mountains is called _____..364px;=”” collapse;=”” 12px=””>deformational isostasyisotropismorogenesissimilationQuestion26 of 30Partial melting of a subducting oceanic plate produces batholiths with the composition of _____..364px;=”” collapse;=”” 12px=””>gabbro to komatiitegranodioriteperidotitebasaltQuestion27 of 30Which of the following best describes the geology of the Pacific coastal regions of western North America, including Alaska?.364px;=”” collapse;=”” 12px=””>An earlier, continental margin broke apart and the geologically similar fragments were tectonically reassembled.A massive subcontinent of old igneous and metamorphic rocks (similar to India) was accreted during late Proterozoic time.Geologically different, microcontinent-sized fragments and terranes, formed elsewhere, were tectonically accreted to North America.Tightly folded, continental shelf strata were squeezed between North America and the convergent, Bering-Siberian subcontinent.Question28 of 30Topographically high-standing, mountainous areas generally _____..364px;=”” collapse;=”” 12px=””>are underlain by greater then average thicknesses of lower density, crustal rockssubside rapidly to compensate for erosionhave thicker, higher density, mantle rocks beneath them at shallow depthsexperience rapid erosion that thins the crust and causes the area to subsideQuestion29 of 30Which of the following is not an example of an Isostatic movement?.364px;=”” collapse;=”” 12px=””>crustal uplift following the melting of an ice sheetuplift of an elevated area after erosion removes surface materialstream downcutting following a drop in sea leveluplift of an area underlain by thick masses of material that is less dense than the surrounding materialQuestion30 of 30Volcanism along a continental arc is dominated by the eruption of _____..364px;=”” collapse;=”” 12px=””>basaltic lava flowsandesitic lavas and pyroclastic materialsrhyolitic pyroclastic materials and lavasAll of the above

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