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Percentage Calculator : Getting acquainted

The main concept of the word ‘’percent’’ and the usage of percentage calculator.

Before going on to the concept of a percentage calculator, we use the term ‘’percent’’ not only in the sphere of tax or loans but also in everyday life. We all use this word occasionally but it is essential to grasp the main concept of this term and to know its definition. By saying ‘’percent’’ we mean “parts per one hundred’’. This term is designated by the following symbol – %. When we say that someone did 100% of the work we mean that person did the work completely, totally. The main purpose of percentage calculator is to identify the change in a variable over time. In order to make a percent change calculation, one needs to have two kinds of information which are the starting value and the ending value. These terms are also known as the old value and the new value. With the help of percentage calculator, you will be able to find the percent shift between these two points. A good example for this topic will be the sphere of retail. Let’s imagine that a product in the shop received a discount that was ‘’x’’% off the starting price. It means we have dealt with percent change from the old price. The percentage calculator evaluates the percentages considering different inputs like ratios, statistics, percentage increase/decrease, etc. Of course, if you are an expert at math you can do all the calculations yourself. However if math is not your favorite subject at school then percentage calculator will be a helpful tool for you. Let’s assume you want to calculate the percentage increase but you are required not only to get the information by how much the number increased but also the change in percentage between two points. The online percentage calculator will provide you with the information on percent increase, decrease and will do the percent difference calculation as well. Are you wondering how this perfect tool works? Here is the answer! Even without using a percentage calculator, in order to calculate percent difference you need to be attentive to the following steps; let’s assume that you need to calculate percent increase from 2 to 10. The first step will be finding the difference between these numbers and we will have 10-2=8. Then we take the number 8 and divide it by the starting number like this; 8:2=4. The last step will be multiplying our number 4 by 100. It’s not difficult to guess that we have the number 400. Congratulations, you have succeeded!

Percentage Calculator : The history behind the term percentage

In Ancient Rome even before the decimal system, calculations were usually made in fractions that were multiples of 1⁄100. These kinds of computations were very much alike today’s computations made by the percentage calculator. The phenomenon of money grew in the Middle Ages and as a result, calculations with the denominator of 100 became more popular. Starting from the late 15th century till the early 16th century, all types of arithmetic texts included suchlike percentage calculations. By the way, these methods applied to interest rates and by the 17th century, it was very common to use interest rates in hundredth. The root of the term ‘’per-cent’’ is derived from the Latin word per centum which is translated into English as ‘’by the hundred’’. The sign ‘’percent” has experienced a gradual contraction of the Italian word ‘’per cento’’ (for a hundred). The first part ‘’per’’ was abbreviated as ‘’p’’ and disappeared with time. The ‘’cento’’ in its turn was contracted to two circles. The two circles were separated by the well-known horizontal line from which the modern symbol of the word ‘’percent’’ (%) appeared.

There is a historical fact about the term ‘’percent’’ that may blow your mind. It is a well-known fact that in the dark ages, aside from not making use of the percentage calculator, people were mostly ignorant and uneducated. However, there are also the ones who had sound knowledge and did their best to use it for having a control over the other ignorant part of the population. They knew that ignorant people are very likely to believe what they are told especially when they are scared. Can you guess what these smart people who were mainly priests told the ignorant ones?

  • They persuaded them that there are demons wandering in this world and the only way to get rid of them was to give their labor, allegiance and money to the priests.
  • It was also forbidden to talk about mathematical issues as numbers were considered to be the creations of the devil.
  • Everyone who used numbers in his/her speech was going to be severely punished.

Can you believe it? The poor people had no other way but to believe them! When one of the villagers said that milk is, for example, 40 cents, the other people would start to pick up rocks and throw them at the victim. In the end, the villagers had enough of being rocked and decided to create a symbol which would cast the devil out every time they used numbers. Can you guess what symbol they invented? Yes! It was the symbol of the ‘’percent’’. The peddlers told the people that God appeared in their dreams and showed them this powerful symbol as a sign of survival.

Percentage calculator : Types of calculations and the usage of the term ”percentage”

In this section, we can we get acquainted with different types of calculations made by the percentage calculator. There are high chances that by learning this material, one day you will decide to write a reaction paper on this topic! how to write a reaction paper ? Well, the answer to this question you will probably find in another article. Now let’s analyze our first task which requires calculating the percentage of a number (note this equation; P%*X=Y). For example, what is 10% of 150? Don’t panic! Just use the above-mentioned equation and you will see for yourself. Let’s do this calculation step by step and you will see how the percentage calculator actually works:

  • The first step will be using the equation P%*X=Y. As a result, we will have 10%*150=Y.
  • Now it is time to convert our percentage to an equivalent decimal in order to continue our calculation. For this purpose, we just remove the percentage sign and divide it by 100.
  • The third step will be converting 10% to a decimal. Here is what we will have; 10%=(10/100)=0.10
  • 10%*150=Y
  • 0.10*150=Y
  • And we solved the equation as Y in this case, is equal to 15. In other words, 10% of 150 will be 15. You are done!

If your mind is not overloaded yet, I would suggest passing on to the next type of percentage calculator computation. Did you know that with the help of percentage calculator you can also calculate the percentage of a number to another? In this case, we are dealing with a mathematical term called ‘’ratio’’. Well, we have already solved the previous equation finding out that 10% of 150 is 15. Now a question! 15 is what percent 150? To be able to answer our question without using a percentage calculator, you have no other way but to learn the following equation form; Y/X=P%. As nearly all of us absorbs the information completely only after seeing example with our own eyes, we will bring some for you.

  • The equation we need is Y/X=P%. If we put our already existing numbers into this equation form, we will have the following picture; 15/150=P%. The number we will have is 0.10
  • Secondly, we should convert the decimal to the percentage so that we end up again with a percentage. See how we are going to convert 0.10 to a percent. We will multiply our number with 100 and attach a percentage sign to the result. The equation will look like this; 0.10 = (0.10 * 100) = 10%
  • So we again succeeded in solving our equation! You are not still sure what number did we get? Calculate yourself…Yes, you are right! 15/150=10%. No, we will never forget the fact that 15 is 10% of 150.

If you hope to become a mathematician and write a dissertation then you should know at the start that in order to write an excellent dissertation you need to make use of a dissertation methodology. The word ‘’methodology’’ is not the same as the word ‘’method’’. Methodology includes the broad philosophical ground to your chosen research topic. It may require from you to use both qualitative and quantitative methods and even the mixture them. You should attach importance to the books you use when writing your paper as well as there is no dissertation without annotated bibliography. what is an annotated bibliography ? The answer is simple! Whether you write a psychology paper or a research paper on mathematics, you have no other way but to include a list of citations of the books, articles or documents you used to get fresh ideas for your paper. Why are we talking about your future dissertation on arithmetical topics (percentage calculator )? Just to persuade you that the next equation we are going to present is as essential as the previous ones and can give the base knowledge for your paper’s case study examples. Simply speaking, we are going to explain to you the methods through which percentage calculator will be able to calculate a value from the percentage part, a ratio. As you have probably already guessed we will introduce you to another equation that looks like this; Y/P%=X. Have you ever been given a task requiring, let’s say 15 is 10% of what number? Let’s put these numbers in the equation form we have just mentioned. We will have 15/10%=X, right?

  • Now it is time to convert the percentage to an equivalent decimal so that we can finish our calculation. We have already learned that in order to do the conversion in place of a percentage calculator, we need to remove the percentage sign and divide it by 100.
  • Let’s convert 10% to a decimal; 10%=(10/100)=0.10.
  • 15/10% = X
  • 15/0.10 = X where X=150. As you can see, you already have the answer which is 15 is 10% of 150

There are a bunch of spheres where the term ‘’percentage’’ is often used. The first sphere where we can encounter the term ‘’percentage’’ is the sphere of sales compassions. Sales compassions are paid to the employees or organizations that specialize in selling merchandise in stores or by inviting customers. The commission stimulates the employees to work harder and more efficiently. The employer pays the commission either as a salary or in addition to it. This is something often used in the sphere of real property marketing. A commission is a percentage of the sales cost of a product. For example, if the salesperson gets a 10% commission from the item with the price of 1500$, you don’t need a percentage calculator to understand that he will earn 150$ commission. Where else can we encounter the term ‘’percent’’? We all know stores occasionally offer discounts for specific items. The store discounts the product by a percent of the starting or original price. Need an example for percentage calculator ? Let’s assume that the original price of the item was 20$ and it was discounted by 25%. Grab the percentage calculator and evaluate the amount of the discount. You will definitely see this picture; $20.00*25/100=$5.00. Then remember to subtract the discount from the starting price of the product. Now the price is 15$! Let’s pass on to the sphere of sales taxes. Many countries charge a sales tax on retail purchases. The money charged is determined by finding the percentage of the purchase cost. The percentage of tax is also known as tax rate and varies between countries and cities. If the sales rate is 6% and the price of the purchase is 10.000$, then the sales tax is calculated in the following way $10.00*6/100 which equals to 0.60$. When you place a mail order, shipping or handling charge is often applied in order to cover the packing and shipping charges for getting the product to you. Without having to use a percentage calculator, it is clear that there is usually a minimum charge that defines the minimum sum of money you will have to pay for shipping and handling on comparatively small orders. For bigger orders, the charge is calculated as a percent of the total purchase cost. Let’s imagine that the minimum charge is 2$ for orders less than 20$ or it is 10% of the total purchase cost. However, your order is 35$. If you use the percentage calculator, you will witness the following equation; $35.00*10/100=$3.50. The total cost will be; $35.00+$3.50=$38.50.You are done even without a percentage calculator !

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