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Simple Tips on How to Study Improper Fractions Effectively

The Definition of Improper Fractions

Are you one of those students who hate studying algebra and improper fractions ? If your answer is positive, you should know that you’re not alone and many people agree that it seems completely pointless to translate word problems into math and use different alphabets to solve them. This discipline involves a number of subjects, such as improper fractions, but studying them is not as hard as you think. That’s because there are simple and effective tips that will help you do your algebra homework successfully, so stop wondering where you use it in your real life. Once you master basic skills, you will understand that this subject is quite easy, but learning improper fractions still requires enough practice. It’s only up to you if they will become your friends or nightmares, so be sure to learn how to identify their different types. Don’t forget that you can always get professional help because it’s provided by talented and trusted freelancers online. They will help you with anything, including narrative essays, at reasonable rates and fast speed.

Let’s imagine a situation where you and your friends are trying to decide what you will do the next weekend. For example, some of your friends like ice skating, while others prefer fishing or other recreational activities. This means that you’re at an impasse: a few votes for ice skating, and a few votes for fishing. A half of your group likes one thing, while others prefer something else. You will think about either proper or improper fractions once you start dividing this group into halves, regardless of whether you understand that or not.

Basically, fractions are used to describe how one part of this group related to the entire group. To illustrate this example clearly, it’s advisable to think about one relevant word «fracture». When you drop a plate, it will fracture into multiple pieces so that you may be concerned with picking up each one to recreate this place, thus ensuring that there are no pieces left on the ground. It’s obvious that this plate fractured into pieces, but you are still able to imagine it as the whole unit. Likewise, when writing assignments on this subject, keep in mind that fractions are used to represent the complete groups that have been broken apart or fractured in any way. They can help you understand how these pieces fit into an original group.

Different Types of Fractions

What are improper fractions all about? To answer this question, you need to start with defining what a fraction is. As you already know, it can tell you how many parts of a whole you have, and it’s easy to recognize fractions by the slash written between 2 numbers. Pay attention to a numerator (a top number) and a denominator (a bottom number). As an example, ½ is a fraction, so feel free to write it with the slanted slash, and this is where one is a numerator and two is a denominator. You should use this knowledge if you don’t know how to start a thesis.

What do fractions mean? Imagine a pie and a bottom number tells you how many slices to cut it, while a top number tells you how many of them you can get. This means that ½ can tell you that you sliced this pie into 2 slices and you took only one of them, and it’s a half of a given pie. Besides, you need to understand that there are different types, including improper fractions.

Let’s start with proper and improper fractions. When dealing with the proper ones, you should realize that their numerators must be less than denominators. What about improper fractions ? Their numerators are greater than denominators (for instance, 8/7 is an improper type, while 7/8 is the proper one). You should go back to a pie and imagine yourself taking slices from it. When it comes to proper fractions, it’s possible to take all of them, but with improper fractions, you will need more than 1 pie to end up with the necessary number of slices. 7/8 tells you that you can take seven slices out of 1 pie that has eight slices. However, 8/7 tells you that you require eight slices, but a pie has only seven slices so that you can take only this number from one pie. To get the 8th slice, you require the second pie with the equal number of slices. Many math students think that improper fractions are quite greedy because they need more than 1 pie to get the necessary number, while the proper ones are easy to get from 1 pie.

Next, you should learn more about like and unlike fractions if your turabian paper is about them. Interested in like fractions? Then you should know that they are the same, while unlike fractions are the ones that are different. For instance, ½ and 2/4 are like fractions because they are the same. How is it possible? Imagine yourself cutting one pie into two slices and taking one slice, and then cut another pie into four slices and take two slices. How much of both pies did you take? It’s obvious that you took a half of the pie in both cases so that they are the same. You can also call them equivalent fractions. On the other hand, unlike fractions are the ones that are different (for example, 2/4 and 6/9). That’s because you end up with different fractions even after simplifying them.

The Detailed Explanation of Improper Fractions

Do you know anyone who has broad shoulders and skinny legs? Then you should understand that this person looks quite similar to improper fractions. They are those fractions that have larger numbers on their top, not a bottom, and this number is called a numerator, while the number of their bottom is called a denominator. So, all improper fractions have greater numerators than denominators, and they are quite different from the proper ones that have greater denominators and smaller numerators. Are there any examples of improper fractions ? Once you find them, you will realize that fractions are considered improper if their numerators are bigger than denominators, no matter how large or small they are.

Basic Questions about Improper Fractions

What do they mean? If your algebra homework includes improper fractions, keep in mind that their numerators are easy to translate as the amount of pieces or parts that you have, while denominators are the numbers of parts that something whole is divided into. For instance, if your fraction is 13/4, this means that have thirteen parts out of four pieces of the whole. Another method that you can use when looking at improper fractions is via the example of key lime pieces (13/4 means that you have thirteen pieces of them).

What about mixed and improper fractions ? The first one is a fraction and a whole number that are put together. Sometimes, you may need to convert improper fractions into the mixed ones, and that’s why you should learn how to complete this academic task successfully and easily. If it’s necessary to convert 13/4 to a mixed one, make sure that you use division. Divide a denominator into a numerator to do that, but you will end up with a remainder one. Whenever you see it, you need to put it over the denominator of improper fractions, thus making them mixed. If you have no remainder, you will end up with a whole number.

Helpful Tips on How to Simplify Improper Fractions

To get this knowledge, you should start with understanding the key fundamentals, and there are certain steps involved. First, you need to recognize all parts of improper fractions, but remember that they all have 3 parts, including a denominator, a fraction bar, and a numerator. As you already know, the latter one is a top number and it represents the number of parts of a whole unit. A denominator is the bottom number of improper fractions, and its basic function is to represent the number of equal parts that this unit has. A fraction bar is either a diagonal or horizontal line that separates a denominator and a numerator. You can call it a division symbol so that all improper fractions can be viewed as specific division problems in algebra.

You also need to get a better understanding of proper fractions that represent numbers less than one and their numerators are always smaller than denominators. Be sure to determine improper fractions, and this task is easy if you know that they represent numbers greater than one, while their numerators are larger than denominators. It’s also advisable to learn how mixed numbers work, so don’t forget that they are those improper fractions that are rewritten like natural numbers and proper fractions.

Once you learn the above-mentioned things, you’re ready to find out more about simplifying improper fractions. Start with determining whether your given ones are really improper, and it’s easy to do that by checking their numerators and denominators. Ensure that you simplify them according to the following steps.

You need to divide numerators by denominators, but remember that fraction bars should be considered as specific division symbols. This knowledge will come in handy when dealing with improper fractions because their basic function is to represent those numbers that are larger than 1. Once you start dividing, it becomes possible to express these fractions as the right combination of its parts and wholes.

The next step that should be taken is calculating a remainder. If numerators were not divided evenly by given denominators, then you will end up with a remainder. If you want to calculate it properly, it’s necessary to multiply the number of whole pieces by denominators and subtract the result you get from the numerators of improper fractions. Don’t forget to write them as mixed numbers. Once you succeed to calculate remainders, you will be able to rewrite given improper fractions as mixed numbers. To achieve this goal, you only need to write wholes first and follow them with parts.

Basic Rules for Subtracting and Adding Improper Fractions

Before you will become concerned with memorizing a completely new set of rules for all improper fractions, you should keep in mind that they involve the same set of rules as the ones applied for standard and proper fractions. When you need to subtract or add improper fractions, it’s necessary to start with finding common denominators between them. Look for the smallest number that all denominators will go into evenly. As a rule of thumb, it’s possible to multiply them together and use the result you get as a new denominator. If you think that this task is a bit confusing, entrust it to reliable and talented freelancers who offer their quality and affordable dissertation writing services.

How to Complete Your Algebra Assignments

You should realize that this discipline is hard to memorize because all sets of problems, including improper fractions, are quite different so that they should be approached in different ways. The most effective thing that you can do is to understand how to approach a specific category. You need to use different resources when studying specific subjects, such as improper fractions. One of the best ways to learn important algebraic concepts is to use relevant interactive videos.

Make sure that you’re focused on these concepts because everything will come later. This subject is largely based on your personal understanding of concepts, so don’t try to solve given problems until you learn them. Remember that examples are your helpful tools, especially when studying any new topic, so look for them to learn how to solve a particular algebraic problem. Most professors advise their students to take into consideration at least a few approaches to end up with better results. Finally, you need to learn in terms of patterns.

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