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When Writing An Argumentative Essay: What Your Approach Should Be

Argumentative Essay: Introduction to the concept

When students are asked to provide an argumentative essay it is understood they would have to do more than only believe this is a cover letter of some kind. They just cannot stick to the main points of the essay as they would if they were writing a cover letter to any business. They will be required to investigate the topic they intend to write about, collect evidence and evaluate the same and even go to the extent of establishing a position of their own on the topic. They will have to provide clear reasons about why they are convinced of the argument they put forward.

An argumentative essay is generally a paper, which is assigned to students for preparation. However, as the subject is about an argument that is a necessity for the student to select a proper theme and conduct enough research report on the same trying to provide not just a favorable view but also make an attempt to give readers a conflicting opinion without being biased against any of the statements made. The objective of the paper is to convince the reader with a view for and against the subject giving them information that the writer has conducted adequate research about the subject and is given across an informed view.

Quite often it has been seen that students generally concentrate on the main term and believe this is just about making an argument of some kind without considering how the entire paper should be presented. This is, in fact, not the best way to go ahead when preparing a paper of this type (an argumentative essay). There is a set of rules in place, which must be followed or else the student could very well fail in his or her objective. Therefore, the matter should be considered with due care and even the attention it deserves.

The Rules Students Should Follow When Preparing An Argumentative Essay

The objective of the student who is required to provide people with an argumentative essay will be to review the topic in a general manner in the first paragraph. Information about why they feel the topic is important and deserves attention from their readers is also a matter, which must be spoken about. Finally, a thesis statement should also be made, and it should be narrowed down to give information about why the guidelines spoken about within the assignment should be followed. Students who are not able to master this technique will generally find it difficult to put forward the argumentative essay in the persuasive way they are required to.

Students could very well get the impression they are being asked to provide an english paper of sorts and wonder whether the effort will serve any purpose. However, they must understand it is a method used for understanding the capability of the student to persuade readers with their argument on any subject. The paper will not only provide students an opportunity to convince their teachers but also the readers in general about their abilities to put forward a great argument, which sounds convincing.

It is essential for students to understand that each paragraph of the argumentative essay should be held together in a proper manner. The argument presented within the essay will be lost if the student does not maintain the continuity of the essay paragraphs effectively. It is highly possible for the entire structure of the essay to collapse unless the student makes an attempt to follow this principle. The continuity spoken about in this discussion must consider wrapping up the idea provided in one section and to introduce the idea to follow in another.

After the initial introduction has been completed, the student can consider the paper as being in a lab report format because this means he or she must have made an attempt to present the essay effectively. They can then move over to their main argument and begin presenting paragraphs with the evidence they have gathered. By this time, readers would have gotten an understanding about the argument being presented and could very well be anticipating the arguments that are likely to follow.

The Importance of Presenting The Body Paragraphs of An Argumentative Essay Effectively

After making the initial introductions of the argumentative essay properly, students must not forget they should also present every paragraph of the essay effectively to maintain the interest of the reader. It is extremely important for the writer to limit himself or herself to present just one idea in a single paragraph. The entire objective of following this principle will be to maintain clarity and have a sense of direction throughout the paper being prepared. It is also essential for the writer to remember that every paragraph within the body must have a connection to the thesis statement made in the opening paragraphs. The body of the argumentative essay should not be allowed to resemble a dissertation conclusion but all attempts should be made to provide a sense of continuity has been maintained. These are factors students will do well to remember because it will make their assignment look a lot better.

Writers of an argumentative essay must understand they are presenting an argument about a subject and consider the need to explain conflicting views about the topic they are discussing. Students can decide how many paragraphs they would like to dedicate to this matter depending upon the length of the essay. However, this subject must not be ignored. An attempt should be made to explain why the conflicting opinions are not correct giving reasons to show how the information could perhaps be outdated.


Providing Factual Information When Completing An Argumentative Essay

An assignment of this type requires the student to collect factual information about the subject and consider all the conflicting points to support the thesis statement made in the opening paragraphs. Any information that does not align with the thesis statement must be discussed within the paper. It must be understood that excluding information, which does not align with the thesis, will not be the right way to go forward. Therefore, all attempts must be made to have factual information in hand to give credence to the argument proving to readers that the paper has been well researched.

After students consider their paper as fully completed, they can go ahead and begin preparing a conclusion for the argumentative essay. It must be understood that the conclusion should have an impact on the mind of the reader and must be logical with the assignment. It also has to be effective if the objective is to impress the reader about the points discussed. It is the responsibility of the writer to ensure the essay does not end like a grant proposal because he or she will be required to reassess the information presented within the body of the essay. A suggestion about more research that should be conducted along the lines of the paper presented can be made but on no account, should an attempt be made to introduce any information unrelated to the assignment.

Argumentative Essay: Different Types of Reports That Can Be Presented


When talking about assignments of this type it must be remembered that students have the option of using a method, which is considered as common and is an acceptable way. They can be looking forward to preparing a paper, which may or may not be long depending upon the type of assignment they have been asked to provide. They can definitely decide to use the five-paragraph approach because it will give them a simple method of completing the paper without going through many difficulties. They just have to follow the basic rules and provide an introductory paragraph, three paragraphs giving information about the evidence they have collected and any conflicting views they feel should be discussed and a conclusion. An essay of this type will not be considered as unusual because as mentioned earlier, it is perhaps the most common method of completing such assignments.

On the other hand, if they have been asked to provide a longer paper, students must understand they will have to extend the argumentative essay beyond five paragraphs. When providing a detailed description they will be required to speak about the detailed research they have conducted along with getting into a discussion about the context of the topic apart from giving information about the sources of their information along with their credibility. Students just cannot hold the opinion that an argumentative essay must be lengthy simply because they have to provide different views about an argument of any kind. The factor of the length of the paper will depend upon the assignment and not the decision of the student. Therefore, it will be better for students to understand the assignment well in advance and then begin working on the same to deliver a paper, which is effective in every way.

Essays have become an important tool in formal education in the United States and the United Kingdom and are now extensively used both in schools and colleges. There is a strong belief that essays allow students to express themselves properly especially when they have been asked to explain or to argue about a particular point. The assignment provided to the student brings out in him or her the ability to conduct research and collate the information collected in a manner, which will be accepted and understood by all. Most importantly, the methodology adopted to create the paper will make it enticing and difficult for the reader to leave aside. Therefore, it is believed that essays are essential to gauge the ability of the student apart from understanding whether he or she has the potential to become a leader of some kind.

Though essays are used quite often in schools and colleges, the first instance of such papers being created comes from Europe in 1577-1641 when the English essayist Robert Burton and Sir Thomas Browne provided papers that are today considered as an adequate example of the modern essay. These papers were lengthy and provided a number of examples exceeding 100. It is believed that this exercise existed Japan many centuries before it was developed in Europe. Therefore, it can be concluded that this is not a new phenomenon, which is currently being followed but is only a method, which is being used from a very long time.

Information about Sir Thomas Browne and Richard Burton being the inventors of the essay in Europe is easily available and this can be seen published on different websites on the Internet. The information about Japanese writers involved with these subjects is mostly related to women, and a reference has been made that these were just thoughts of women written during idle hours. Perhaps the conclusion has been made because most essay writers from Europe were men while women had prominence in this subject in Japan.

Essays talking about arguments of different types have been provided by many writers some of whom have become extremely popular. There is no set definition where such argumentative essays can be presented because an individual can write on a topic of his or her choice and provide all information related to the topic even going to the extent of providing conflicting views in support or against the topic. Documents have been prepared to dispute many subjects, including the requirement for schooling for children or to discuss whether a dog or a cat is a better pet. The writers who definitely would have conducted plenty of research before completing the paper have also provided information about where or how the topic can or should be used.

Essays about arguments have been written by a number of people, and they have been appreciated for the high quality of comments made. People looking forward to understanding simple subjects like the problems of a single parent can also come across lengthy argumentative essays prepared on this particular subject, and it can be confirmed that they will not be disappointed if they decide to have a closer look at the subject. Single parents face a number of issues some of which are genuine while the others could be having a conflicting opinion. There is no reason for people to hold a view that arguments of any kind should only have one part of the story and not the other. Having an opinion giving all the facts will always be a better option than understanding just one part.

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